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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 3

I braced up for the huge impact, my glass shield up in front of me protecting me from much damage. The dog smashed at me with a mean force which surprised even me, knocking me off my feet in the process and breaking the shield into two. Still reeling from the impact of the shield, it howled back and then without wasting much time, the dog charged back.

For a rare second I looked around me, one of the boys had his arm stuck in a dog’s tight grip while he screamed and bashed the animal with his shield. That was all the luxury of time I was afforded before my fighting partner charged down on me, I rolled over in a split second, smashing its underbelly with the sharp corner of my broken shield, the blood instead of scaring the animal made its blood boil the more, then I was already on my feet and prepared for it, as it sprang up in mid air, I bent low and grated the wounded part of its belly with the sharp point of the glass again. That did the magic, the dog crashed down, too weak to get up. A new feeling over came me as I was not satisfied with my handiwork. I walked towards it and smash my shield on its head, picked up the pieces and stabbed the animal till it breath its last.

All the other boys looked at me strangely when I got up, all blooded up, they had also conquered their own animals which were not dead yet but not with a price, two of the boys were heavily wounded on their arms while another dislocated his knee and shin, the remaining duo just sustained slight bleeding cuts and scratches. We smiled at each other for the first time in almost ten years. I never knew their names neither did we ask, we were more like “the silent team”.
“Bravo boys, bravo” Lord Kehl’s voice thundered from the speaker above us.

“And Xavier, I can swear that you would be the best killing machine this world have ever known. Well done boys, one more job to go so as to qualify all of you into the Assassins Creed.

Now go get washed, eat and come back here, I have another speciality for you before your mission tomorrow” the voice crackled and went off.

We all walked proudly towards the open elevator and went to our various room, when I opened the door I saw a black cloth bag on my bed, as I went to check it out, a note saying “bath first” was pasted on it. I smiled and walked to the bathroom.

Then rushed back and opened it, a pair of black shirt and blue jean trousers, a golden watch, chain and black sneakers and a peak cap stared back at me. I almost screamed in joy, we were used to wearing our assigned training customs and overalls when we were in our quarters, I never really had real clothes such as this. I quickly dressed up and checked out myself through the aid of the aluminium door which gave me a shoddy outcome but that never bothered me, I brushed my hair briskly as the bell began to summon us. We all regroup at the foot of the elevator, the other boys looked handsome too, they also sported flashy assets and blings and they were also filled with gladness. We all waited patiently for the elevator door to open.

It did as Lord Kehl stepped out, his glittering garments made him look like a rock star, he rocked lots of chains and golden rings. Our eyes burgled out in real surprise as he handed us golden rings which beared the first letters of our name. I looked admiring at mine, the ‘X’ on it beamed pride inside of me as I put it on. Then he handed us each two bundles of Dollar currencies.

“Here is the deal boys, you are to have fun this night because I doubt all of you would survive tomorrow’s final test, have fun boys” he chided as we stepped into the elevator. The feeling of uncertainty, maybe panic swept over us as the elevator got to the surface. When it opened, our problems were all gone.

It looked like we were in a stripper club, the whole ware house had been transformed to a Lovepeddler house, ladies of different sizes and colours all walked around with s*xy** lingeries, we were astonished as we saw ladies giving me lap dances, swinging on poles and performing wild acts that I never saw since I was born. The men were the workers and guards from the underground quarters. No wonder the whole place was quiet when we passed earlier.

“Girls, the celebrants are finally here c’mon boys, grab drinks and the ladies and have fun” one of the men announced after he summoned the Dj to reduce the full blasting music in the background.

We stood like J0yst!ck figures, not knowing what to do next until twelve hot beauties, completely unclad overshadowed us, they put drinks in our hands and dragged us with them.

I tasted the liquid in the green bottle which I held and spit the bitter liquid out, my second gulp was better, I managed to swallow it while the two s*xy** ladies dancing with me rubbed all their neither regions on me. I was a little scared but after my third bottle, I found myself screaming happily and flirting with the ladies, spreading my cash around and beaming wildly.

I felt my trouser increasing in size as the unclad bodies slithered around me, the ladies grabbed my frontal region which got me gasping in retreat, it was a strange feeling which I seemed to like. An hour later we were all equally unclad, the Lovepeddlers with us initiated us into the world of S#xual fantasies.

The bell sounded far into my dreams as I struggled to wake up, finally I jerked up when it got too loud, then fell on the ground again, my head was practically swimming as I wondered where I was and how I got there, there were no more Lovepeddlers neither was I in a club house. Instead I was standing in my room with my overalls on, no blings, no cash, no nice clothes, no music, even if it were all a dream, I would not have minded going back to bed but the binding headache reminded me that it was not completely a dream.

After about five minutes when I got my bearings right, a note, cup of water and tablets were on my reading table. I staggered forward and took the pills, gulp two down with the water which relieved me immediately, I picked up the note, it was a short message from Lord Kehl.

“Xavier, am sure you had enough fun last night, today is your final test, make this Creed proud.

NB: A package is under your bed, you have just three more hours before you leave for your mission.

Lord Kehl”
I dashed into the bathroom and stared at the mirror, my well combed hair was ruffled and the smell of s*x still hung around me, surely it had not been a dream after all. I smiled and jumped into the bath tub.

I brought out two black boxes from underneath the bed, one contained clothes, suits and ties with other casual wears. I picked one up and dressed quickly before opening the other.

There I saw two pictures of a black man, his profile, a note, International passport depicting me as a business man, currencies and I.D cards with my pictures with a beard and side buns.

I noticed artificial beards and side buns in the case which fitted me accordingly, then I picked up the man’s profile to study.

My mission was to kill Mr Sunday Ribandu, a Liberian exporter, forty seven years of age. No address what so ever, just a name “Anglo Paras” was written at the back. A black sleek Blackberry curve 7 was also in the suitcase.

I picked it up, packaged the pictures and carried the second box which contained clothes. My phone rang that moment.

“Eh hello sir, is this Mr Henry Robinson” a queer voice spoke, for a split second I almost told him it was a wrong dialled number then I quickly brought out my passport and checked the names, “Mr Henry Robinson” was boldly written there.

“Ye.. Yes sir, any problem?” I blurted out.
“No sir, just informing you that your taxi is waiting outside for you” he replied.
“Ok I would be there in a minute” I replied as I rechecked my room to see if I left anything before stepping out.

My party members the previous night did not even look my way as I passed them, I felt like a don as I walked into the elevator. When I got up, the ware house had been transformed into a cloth trade centre, without surprise, I passed the sellers and buyers and walked outside, am grey BMW vehicle was waiting for me.

The driver bowed a little and opened the back door for me, I smiled and got in as we drove to the airport….

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