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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 29

He felt uncomfortable, his sweaty clothes stung his skin as he sat patiently watching the cops trying to get a way into his house, he felt sick staring at them. He was supposed to be indoors, relaxing and counting his pay check.

What hurt him the more was when one of the cop search his mail box and retrieved a big brown parcel, he was dead scared that a new mission had been sent which could blow his cover but when he saw the single brown envelope he gave a sigh of relief, he just had one objective-to stop the cops from seeing the note and money in the envelope. He wondered what they were still waiting for, well they had questioned some of his irate neighbours and had gotten answers from them. He quickly called Lord Kehl who picked up after the third ring.

“Hello son” the icy voice of Lord Kehl strung into his ears.

“Lord, there is a problem, robbers tried breaking into my house and got killed, the cops have searched and found a package in my mail box which could expose me, I don’t know what to do sir”
“Xavier, that’s surprising, first let me congratulate you for a great mission in Mexico, well I’m currently watching your house and I’m seeing what is going on, i already sent a friend of yours to help you, what you have to do is, jump off that tree and get arrested by the cops, leave this call connected so we can track your movements, then sit back and enjoy the show son” Lord Kehl replied.

Xavier looked around in surprise, he never knew he was also watched by the creed, he felt nervous as he jumped down from the tree where he had been observing from for the past two hours. His legs felt weak as he walked towards his house, he placed the phone in his b0s0m pocket and walked to the cop in-charge.

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“Hello sir, what’s happening here? What do you cops want with my house?” He asked, feigning anger.
“Be cool young man” the tall cop with broad shoulders answered back.

“Cool huh? And is that not a mail for me? What are you doing with it?” Xavier barked louder, causing some other cops to pay attention to him.

“Some robbers tried robbing your house and got killed, it seems you put up a laser system in your apartment, what is in there that you spent a large sum of money to put it in place when you could get a simple bulgalary or anti-theft alarm?” The cop asked.

“Well that’s none of your business, I could put ten bouncers in front of my house if I want, now hand over my mail to me and tell your men to leave my house, I thought America is God’s own country, why don’t you allow me live in peace” he replied.

“Ok I’m sorry sir, but please can you deactivate your laser system so we could search your apartment before we leave?” The cop asked, flaunting a search warrant before Xavier’s face.

Before he could wait for a reply, Xavier sent a frightening punch to his nose, before the other cops could figure out what went wrong, he head butted the cop and sent another punch to his chest, they all rushed at him, he put up a mock fight, punching one and biting another before he was flunged to the ground. He groaned as hand cuffs slammed into his fist.

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“You are under arrest for hitting a cop and obstructing an ongoing investigation, stay quite because any word you use could be use against you in the court of law, you have rights to…..”
“.. A lawyer, and if you don’t have one, the state would get one for you, bla bla bla, can we get this over with” he cut in when one of the cop was reciting his rights.

The chief officer he beat up was groaning and bleeding and felt like hitting Xavier back but he controlled himself and entered his vehicle.

“Set a fifty yards perimeter around the building and keep two cops on guard, we would be back when we are through with interrogating this mister here” the chief cop gave orders as he commanded the driver to move.

Two police cars with four men in total moved off, Xavier stared back as he saw his home been rolled up with yellow tape, the crowd were all staring like they were watching the parody of the amazing Hulk as the cops performed the orders given to them. He felt angry and tried to control himself from picking his cuffs and murdering the cops with him. He relied on the words of Lord Kehl. Who was the friend that was sent to him, he did not remember making any friend, an assassin who was close by, they all were in different countries.

He tried closing his eyes for a second when they heard the car infront of them screeching and swerving across the road, before stopping at the side of the road. The vehicle he was held slowed down as the chief cop stepped out to checkout what was wrong.

They front vehicle had flat tires, Xavier alone saw the small needle like bullet sticking from the car’s back tyres, he smiled and closed his eyes again.

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While the cops were trying to change tyres, the chief cop came back and informed his partner on the ongoing proceedings, they resolved to go alone leaving the two men to repair their tyres and join them later.

As they continued on their way, they saw a fat junkie walking slowing into the road, they driver jammed on his brakes while honing but the young girl just staggered into the road and fell infront of them, like it was her bedroom.

There was something strange about her that Xavier longed to find out. That pissed the chief cop off, he opened his door and walked angrily to the junkie relaxing on the tarmac, she spread her legs wide while smoking a joint.

“Hey lady, get a room now or I arrest you” he screamed.

“C’mon handsome, come bleep me, am feeling hot right now” she replied.

The cop got mad and bent low to drag her off the road when suddenly he groaned slightly and crumpled to the ground, two bullet holes showed in his chest, the lady acrobatically flipped up and pointed a gun with a silencer at the second cop. Before he could call for support, she shot four bullets which tore through his windscreen and struck through his head, spilling blood.

Xavier grinned widely, that was a splendid shot, his joy knew no bounds when the lady tore the cap weavon on her head and walked to the vehicle, pulled out the driver and jumped in.

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