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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 26

Pedro closed his eyes, half of his strength gone to the wind, the needle and drugs he was given made no difference, he was dead tired.

Then he also heard the groan, as he flipped his eyes open, he saw Chan pummeling Andrea with blows, his legs were free. He quickly dashed to one corner to watch the new match.

The hall had gone tired, an abomination had been committed by Chan without remorse, Andrea tried shaking Chan off his back but the boy was adamant, he kept on sending swift blows to the back of Andrea’s head. Andrea was already feeling dizzy but he wanted to still fight, just that his strength kept sapping quickly like he was drugged, well the needle were realising their poison then.

Chan noticed his opponent was getting weak, he slide down with his arms while his leg still held the big man’s neck. Then he pushed himself to the ground, sending the big man tumbling over in a heap. The crowd having forgot that he had done a bad thing earlier began to hail him, he held to the man’s neck till life choked completely off him.

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He stood up triumphantly and snorted at Pedro as the crowd hail him victoriously, he smiled at Edgar and Juan silva who were viciously staring angrily at him. A speaker crackled and the prison warden voice rang out.

“Chan!!! You are a disgrace to this prison facility, you interrupted another inmates match and you are proud” Edgar screamed angrily, the veins on his forehead burgled out.

“Am sorry sir but I guess I deserved this match instead of that pig laying there, as you all saw, he would have died if I had left him, so in other words, you all need to thank me for saving this facility” Chan bragged.

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His Boss was also fuming as he thought of a suitable punishment for Chan but the warden had already beat him to that, as he got up to leave, Edgar spoke.

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“Chan its been our tradition to have only one winner in a duel and you surely knew that but still went ahead to interrupt a match like this so there is only one thing that is gonna happen now, you would face the dude in that cage with you in a weapons fight to the death, Thank you” Edgar said and sat down.

“What, this is outrageous, Pedro just fought a mean opponent now and he is in no shape to fight now” Juan Silva Miguel told Edgar Valdez.

“Well your man fought eight men earlier tonight and he still defeated Andrea so I don’t need any excuses, by the way when did you start preferring pedro to your best man?”
Juan silva Miguel looked defeated as he sat back, he wanted the match to be prospone so that he could deal with Chan in his own way but that was not going to be possible again, Chan might even cause a revolt against him if defeats Pedro, Juan sat down dejected and watched as another cage from up covered his two best fighters.

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“Yeaahhhh” Chan roared as the cage covered them, the cage had every kind of deadly cutlass, swords and knives you could think of. They were about ten weapons at the space of three feet attached to the cage.

Pedro stood up slowly and stared at Chan who was obviously enjoying the moment. He pat his arm and noticed one remaining needle was still there, he also smiled as he ran back wards and unattached two sharp blades.

When he turned back, Chan was standing crossed hands, beckoning him to fight, Chan was without any weapon….

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