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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 25

“Oh my gosh” The commentator screamed out loud as Pedro dogged the first blow from his massive opponent, the blow ripped that part of the cage apart.

Andrea Livers walt gave Pedro no chance to recover neither did he show any sign of pains in his fist, he hurled his self forward throwing reckless punches which Pedro gladly dodged.

Pedro taunted the huge man who threw a right uppercut, Pedro was swept off his feet and sent to our corner in a big thud, he shook his head and tried to catch his bearings right, the blow was more fierce than it was expected.

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As the man rushed towards him, he swiftly removed one needle and dodged the man’s leg before piercing a side of his leg which Andrea barely felt.

But The janitor said one thrust from the needle could knock down a horse, well Andrea was surely stronger than a horse.

Pedro dashed up and relieved six hefty blows to Andrea’s stomach, he felt like he was punching a stone wall which felt no pain because Andrea was laughing instead, he looked up in time to dodge a pounding blow before he removed the second needle and thrust it into Andrea’s stomach, it worked.

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Well for a minute though because Andrea rushed at him at a faster and pace, the man was surely a machine but he was the wiser one, he studied the Andrea’s movement and when he got close enough, he brushed his incoming blow with his left hand then sent a stunning blow to the big man’s jaw, Andrea staggered back, before he could recover, Pedro sent another mean blow to his bowels, then kicked his knees before head butting him .

The big man rushed forward for one moment of madness, he dived head long towards Pedro who rushed out of the way in time, the burly man crashed headfirst into the cage, bring half of the cage down. The inmates screamed louder in ecstasy, they loved every bit of the fight.

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Still Andrea was not deterred, he rolled over and grabbed Pedro’s ankle as he tried skidding away, Pedro use his free leg to kick his balls but that got the big man angrier, as he positioned himself to break Pedro’s leg.

Something happened.

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