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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 24

Nooooo!!! That’s impossible, this little toddler killed my challenger? And I was looking forward to a real match, but this… This is like tooth pick, I would snap his bones with two fingers” Andrea boasted, standing infrront of Pedro who stared into his eyes despite the fact that he was about there feet taller than Pedro.

“Ok permission to tear his bones, Andrea” Edgar shouted and declared the match open.
The cages were then locked up, Pedro felt real fear in his life, he wondered how he was to kill the giant of a man. As the bell was about to be rung, a man dashed in waving a red rope, the guards were alert but calm down when they recognised him as the Janitor. He said something to them before he was allowed to pass and the cage was unlocked. He ran towards Pedro and whispered to him, then shouted out loud.

“Am sorry for interrupting this great match, but Pedro’s girlfriend sent this gift to him as good luck charm, so please I won’t take long” The janitor said, bowing curtly causing laughter amongst the inmates and the bigger men in the glass corner, even Andrea chuckled lightly.

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The Janitor walked back to Pedro and tied the red rope carefully on his arm, Pedro felt the needle lining against his skin.

“This needle are poisonous, they weaken your opponents, just one can knock down a horse so be very careful with them, Andrea is more than a devil so this might barely affect his fighting strength, you might need more than these three needles and sheer luck to beat this man, but the success of your mission lies in defeating this goon so better be careful” The janitor whispered quietly, as he embraced Pedro, he slapped his mouth lightly, pushing two drugs in which Pedro quickly chewed and swallowed them.

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His opponent looked at them suspiciously but nobody saw anything wrong, as he swallowed the drugs, energy, crude ones began to snap into his system at the bell rung.

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He looked at the glass corner, Juan Silva Miguel gave him a thumbs up, lots of other guest from his opponents prison lined up on their seats, large bundles of money and drinks la!d on the tables in front of them. He noticed as Chan dashed in and whispered something to Don Miguel who hastily stood up and went out with Chan.

Pedro steadied himself and beckoned at Andrea to come forward.

“Boss what’s going on? I thought I was supposed to represent this prison facility, why is that amateur kid facing Andrea instead?” Chan fumed.

“Calm down kid, Andrea is a powerful fighter and you are my best man, in fact the best that this prison has brought up in a long while, do you expect me to allow you go out there and die like a puppy?”
“I won’t have minded you sending out another fighter but not that boy that has fought and killed just once…”
“Twice Chan, remembered our rival cartel leader that he easily killed, don’t forget you have been trying to assassinate him for a long time but failed, Pedro looks like a man who won’t ever go down easily so just go and strip of your clothes, change and come enjoy the duel with us”
“But Don, your betting money, you would lose a lot”
“Well that won’t make me an inch poorer kid, be fast and join us” Don Miguel said.

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“No, I won’t watch that rubbish match, I won’t allow a new kid take my glory” Chan barked harshly and began walking away.
“Chan!! Chan, come back here” Don Miguel barked out but Chan slammed the door open and walked out.

Juan silva Miguel cleaned his brawl angrily and walked back inside, the match had already started….

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