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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 23

“And our next fighter for tonight, our main event match in the game of death, Oh I so love friday nights because of the wicked goodies in stock for us, am still your host Pena Enersto and after the great warm up match with master Chan the legendary killer, my pulse is already pumping for the most sweetest action of the night.

Our main event tonight is between two great prisons, and representing the Guetanama Arcades General prisons, the unbeaten champion, Andrea Livers walt”
A Side gate opened and a man stepped out, he wore a hood and boxing gloves, guards covered him, each of his hands and feet were chained to two guards, their weapons were drawn and ready for any funny scenario.

The man was comfortable with an air of arrogance surrounding his every step. The cage was opened and he stepped in, then the guards loosed the chains and walked out leaving him alone.

You could hear a pin drop as the prisoners tried to get a view of the mysterious man, Pedro was not even interested, he had formed a rapport with a female prison guard, he stylishly cocked his eyebrows causing her to smile, his charms were perfect despite his disguised looks, he was about signalling her that they should go to a toilet when the crowd grasped in horror and ecstasy, the hooded man had revealed his face.

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“Andrea Livers walt, the killer that could crush a skull with his bare hands, the man that could break rocks, oh my generation are blessed for me to see him life, oh mom ma I won’t mind staying in jail forever after this fight” The commentator blasted out.

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Pedro casually took a long look at Andrea, his shivered a little as their eyes met, that blood shot eyes, that could give a child enormous dreams plagued with horrors of the underworld. His teeth were contorted in different directions, his nose looked like they have been broken a thousand times because of the angle it faced, a large scar appeared above his forehead, three scars, long and deep, his body reveal many occultic tattoos, his arms were twice the thickness of Pedro, his chest broad and firm stomach, he wore only shorts under his outer gown, no sane man would agree to face Andrea.

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“He is the carrier of death, the greatest fighter ever liveth, well that’s that for now, and representing our prison, the Centro de Ejecucion de Sanciones (CEDES) is a favourite fighter of us all, we welcome ….”

The fear of Andrea had subsided from Pedro who turned again to look at the female guard who had disappear, something told him to try his luck and check if she understood earlier and went to the bathroom when he heard his name and a large roar followed. He became initially confused but when all the inmates began screaming his name and banging their stands, he knew he was on a long stride.

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“Damn, Bro you are gonna fight Andrea, please is there any message of you want me to deliver for you or is there any of your prized possessions you want me to inherit?” The inmate near him asked.

“Yes tell Warden Edgar Valdez that if I die in this game of death, I would F**K his wife in hell” Pedro replied as the guards came to take him to the cage. As he walked into the cell, Andrea stared angrily at him and smiled before speaking to the warden and the dons in the glass endowment.
“Is this my training bag or what?” His hoarse bass voice nearly destroyed Pedro’s ears.
“No Amigo, that’s our challenger” Edgar shouted back.
“But I was supposed to fight ‘the beast’ where is he?”
“Dead, killed by the small man standing before you” Juan Silva Miguel answered back.

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