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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 21

A guard took him to one of the locked gate, opened it and kept dragging him forward in silence, he reasoned it out whether the Creed wanted him out of there or the guards knew that he started the fight, he thought of knocking out the guard but he flunged the idea out of his memory. Slowly they walked through different cell blocks for about two minutes before he entered what he could describe as a palace, he thought he was already out of prison not until another cage was opened and he was pushed in and left alone.

The cell block were covered in rich curtain materials, anybody would know that only the rich could afford that space, the smell of cuban cigars made his pulse rush as he walked gently towards a closed door where a Mexican music came from.

He waited for five seconds before knocking, the door clicked open by itself, he walked into a spacious cell, a bead curtain separated a large bed with four pillows and clean bed spread at one corner while a mini fridge stood near a white large wardrobe, there were chairs, large settees facing a large flat screen television, a man sat on one while another blonde guy sat on another and eight men stood around them, two strippers danced in front of them, displaying their wares.

“Welcome, Welcome Pedro to the Sinaloa cartel, you did a really good job killing Beltran Leyra, the man was almost stealing my business, am glad you were very discreet about it and was not caught except that you have gotten a large number of enemies from now on..”
“Who is Beltran Leyrav” Pedro cut in, one of the men wanted to react violently but Juan Miguel raised his hand to quieten him down.

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“Now kid be very careful how you cut me short, no one interrupts me or else you would lose your tongue, Beltran in the leader of the Beltran Leyra Organisation(BLO) our major enemies and rivals in this prison facility, they have the men, power and connections in and outside the prison world and have been trying to get rid of me for a long time now, instead the tables have turned and their boss is dead instead all thanks to you.

Now listen good, you have wounded their tails and they would be willing to bank with other gangs to take us down so always watch your backs all of you especially you pedro. And welcome to the Sinaloa Cartel once again, this are my best men and my right hand man- Chan, my only champion and body guard”
Chan smiled but when Pedro proposed a handshake, he ignored it and kept a scorned look on his face as the boss continued.

“I loved your match last night and I can say you are destined for great things if you work hard, tonight during the “game of death” you would watch Chan fight and learn one or two things, but tell me, how is it that you claimed to be a dj and music producer and you could fight like that?”
“Not Sir, its Don kid” Chan cut it, Pedro throwed him a dirty look and spoke again.

“Don it was just a cover up, I wanted to traffic drugs in and out of the country but I was unlucky this time” Pedro explained as the boss nodded his head.

“Ok that’s enough kid, watch the strip show with us and have fun” Don Juan Miguel said as they turned to face the ladies.

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He thought about killing Juan Miguel that moment, the men around him would be too shocked to move or react till he escapes, he turned to see Chan staring at him like he knew exactly what he was thinking. He shuffled the thoughts out and concentrated as the beautiful ladies before them stripped off.

“Welcome to another night of the game of death, I am Pena Enersto your commentator for tonight, yesterday we witnessed an historic match between an unknown dude and the beast which ended in a thrilling finale for the young youth, tonight is something special as the undefeated champion Chan takes on four competitors from The Tijuana Cartel(TTC)” a lean looking inmate with dreadlocks was the commentator that night in the arena.

The inmates were all cheering expectantly, their earlier clashes in the dining hall all forgotten and mended up. Xavier sat with one of his cartel member, he saw the glass casing where the top drug and prison lords sat with their champagne and different ladies, he wondered how they managed to smuggle the ladies in.

“How many gangs are in this prison?” He asked his colleague.

“Seven, the Sinaloa cartel you already know, coupled with the TTC gang in the ring and the BLO whose leader you earlier killed, there are also The Juarez Cartel(TJC) seated over there with blue overalls, The Knights Templar(TKT) seated with yellow overalls over there, The Gulf Cartel(TGC) seated with camouflage overalls and finally the Los Zetas(LZ) seated with black overalls, make sure you keep away from them or you die young” his partner warned him as the bell for the fight to begin was rung.

In the cage were five people, four of them surrounding one man-Chan who held two short blades in each hands while his attackers tied red bandanas on their heads and arms, they held wooden baseball bats, taunting him, as the bell rung they all rushed forward at once.
Chan bent low dodging the sticks one after the other, he planted one knife in the leg of one of his opponent who screamed out loud in pain, he dodged another swing of the stick and slashed th stomach of the second open, his intestines reaching the surface, the remaining two chased him in blind fury, he ran towards the cage as the flung their sticks at him, he matched the cage and flipped over them, planting his second knife in the head of another, then as soon as he landed he grabbed the remaining man’s neck and dragged him back wards. The dude struggle but Chan was too strong for him, he slammed him on the ground, removed the knife planted in the first opponent’s feet and shoved it into the last guy’s throat who struggled before breathing his last.

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The crowd bellowed out in joy, they auditorium took a lifting as the chants of “chan” ranted the air. Pedro stood petrified, Chan was really good.

“Flawless victory” the commentator screamed and [email protected] his table in joy.
As Chan scanned the faces of the crowd bathing in the euphoria of their praises he noticed Pedro who was not saying anything, hatred poured into him as Pedro showed him the middle finger, he could not wait to lay his hands on that new fooooool….

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