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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 20

Xavier walked into the dining hall when the bell was rung, his cell had been cleared and the blood cleaned, he rested in peace, when he returned back from the game of death, the whole Cell block was quiet. The men all stared at him like a demi-god sent from above. He was hugging his pillow comfortable when a loud bell sounded and the guards hurled them out, his was special, it was like he was of royalty, he simply was told to go out for breakfast.

When he scented the aroma of frying egg, his stomach rumblings reminded him that he had taken nothing since the previous day. He rushed into the hall and saw a very long line of inmates holding a tin cup and plate. He was infuriated as he targeted on dodging the line but to no avail, he quietly took his tin cup and plate from a wash basin and joined the queue, he waited till he got to his turn, then he smiled at the cooks who dropped a crusty bread and a small part of egg inside plate and a foul looking liquid into his tin cup which was his tea, his smiling face collapsed into a demeaning look, he was about complaining at the sight of his food when he was shoved off th line.

He angrily scanned around for a table which were all occupied, either the free ones were guided by mean looking fellows for their friends or the group he went to sit with were mean to him. He kept staring round when a sharp object stabbed his back, a lanky guy stood behind him, pressing a table knife into the back of his overalls.

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“Move steadily to that table over there or you die” the voice directed him. No one seem to care or noticed them.

He walked slowly to the table where seven other inmates sat, they all wore red overalls.

He scanned their faces before settling down.

“We heard you saying you are a Sinaloa cartel member, is that true?” The tallest amongst them spoke a harsh whisper.
“Yes, any problem?” Pedro asked.
“The tattoos on your body signifies that you one of us but how are we sure you are not a spy sent from our opposition members to destroy our cartel?” The next person asked.

“Well you can ask me any question concerning the gang and I answer it” Pedro replied.

“Ok you have to prove to us that you ate truly ruthless as our cartel, take this and kill that bald dude over there with a yellow overall” the former said as the knife used to bring him over was slammed on the table.

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“But you have seen what am capable of, I decimated a man last night so I don’t need to prove anything to you guys again” he replied pushing the knife away from him.
“Kid you better listen good, last night you killed because its a tournament, now we are daring you to kill a man in cold blood, the Sinaloa cartel never hesitates to kill someone appointed to be dead so you better do it or you might end up in a carrier bag” the lanky man threatened as the knife was pushed closer to Pedro.

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“Who is he?” He asked but he was booted up and given the weapon, he grasped it quickly and looked at the men at the table, they encouraged him to go ahead. He walked towards their table slowly, the men seated at the table were discussing and having fun. He picked up a tray on the way and hid the knife under, swiftly he stole a cup of tea from a smallish fellow and placed it untop the tray, the knife was placed under the tray. As he neared the men his eyes shuffled around the dining hall.

The inmates going from table to table, the guards watching vigilantly for any sign of trouble, the cooks doing a good job of catering for the inmates, he observed the inmates exchanging hard drugs, some weapons, letters, he even sighted a gun, radio and other stuffs.
“Sorry sir I brought tea for you” he said and bent low before the bald man, as he was dropping the tea, he swiftly jabbed the man’s throat, before dropping the tea, he whispered a small sorry and walked away, the bald man held his neck like a bone penetrated him, then blood began gulping out, meticulously, his men screamed and tried to stop the pumping blood, some rushed to stop Pedro while the guards began to rush forward to settle matters.

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Pedro was walking fast away when a large dude who sat at the table earlier caught his clothes.

“You son of a biatch so you killed our boss?” He spat out, spewing saliva upon Pedro. As he brought his hand for a full punch, Pedro dodged and bent under his armpit, the blow met another large dude at the back of his head.

The dude turned and retaliated back, groups faced groups, different types of weapons were brought out from no where, the dining hall had turned to a full blow war house.

The guards quickly called for a shutdown and reinforcement as more guards poured in, shooting canisters of tear gases. Pedro loved what he cause and was about dashing towards a fellow to join in the fight when somebody grabbed him and shove him away.

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