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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 2

Immediately he finished speaking, thirteen boys dashed forward to the direction of the door, I wanted to join them but my legs feel like straws stuck inside a sand dune, before I could re-summon courage to run. One of the huge men pressed a remote which caused the dog cages to be opened, the running boys turned back in horror to see the huge animals running ferociously towards them, before any one could reach the door, they were already mauled by the German Shepard. Horrible screams followed as the remaining seven of us watched the boys crushed to death, a boy on the line could bear the gory sight no more, he crashed to the ground in a second, screaming loudly as white foam substance drooled out of his mouth.

“Feed that one to the dogs too” Lord Kehl ordered one of his men as the young boy was dragged away from the remaining of us.
“Ok boys, you are welcomed to the Assassins Creed”
We were led to the elevator which opened on its own, we got in and watched for the last time before the door closed as the dogs fought for the remaining pieces of flesh still intact. The elevator took us to an underground chamber which contained every good thing of life which I dreamt of except the part of the servants which was replaced with huge guards, we passed a room filled with all kinds of weaponry, armours and other stuffs that made me forget my problems for awhile.

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The next room contained large screens, computers, gadgets and other stuffs with people sitting in front of them, operating and speaking in many different languages. We also passed a gym hall before arriving to our main quarters. A single corridor with lots of rooms on both sides, we were shown to her room without speaking. I jumped on my huge bed when my door was shut close, never in my life had I seen so many good things belonging to me alone, food was dropped after about thirty minutes, I had fun tearing hungrily at the chicken before lights out.

The next morning, Lord Kehl was standing before us, wearing a blue slim fitted suit and black shoes, his expression still as mean as ever.

“Ok boys, welcome once again to the Creed, but be warned, any complacency would have you boys thrown to the dogs for supper. From now on you boys would throw away all your believes, there would be nothing like God because he is right here with you. You would obey all my commands to the later because one mistake and you would find life snapping out from you, we would train all of you to be the greatest Assassins this world have ever seen and any mission given to you would be carried out without questions or complaints.

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Am I well understood boys?” He screamed.

“Yes Sir” we shouted back.
“Don’t call me Sir, call me Lord, am I well understood?”
“Yes Lord” we shouted even louder, Lord Kehl looked pleased as he clapped his hands and left us.

We were replaced by our instructors who took us in cruel drills, we learnt hand to hand combat, jungle drills, endurance treks, we studied languages, weapons, currencies, emergencies escape scenarios in case we were cornered by the enemy. We learnt to fall out of love, feel no emotion, no pity, only emotion we felt was to wilfully obey Lord Kehl.

We had knowledge of every country, their way of life and other meaningless stuffs. We ran outside during the winter and also learnt mountain climbing, the act of stealth etc.

Finally at the age of 16 we were all ready, my body showed impressive signs of the torture and training I received, luckily the six of us all survived the brutal regime under the stewardship of Lord Kehl, we stood shoulder high as he inspected us, my pride aroused when he pat my shoulder while inspecting me, my black spandex overall won’t allow my heart burst out in joy. Just sixteen years of age but I already looked like I was eighteen, I guess my parents might have been over six feet tall, well I did not give a fuc.k about their locations anymore, I had a new life, a new identity, a new image and a new dignity I never wanted to diminish.

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“Ok boys, its been ten years since you were brought here, you all of been trained to be killing machines, the best to be found any where on this planet. Am proud of the efforts you all put into your training, am glad that I was not mistaken for choosing the lot of you.

Finally before you get inducted completely into the league of Assassins, we have two missions for you. One which you would perform now and the other would come when you survive this. So brace up boys because your training is about to get real”
He clapped his hands and six men came out, holding glass shields, we were led back to the warehouse where the German shepard were, they were already replaced with larger and more ferocious looking dogs.

We passed the cages then we were asked to face the cages about twelve feet away, the men left us and so did Lord Kehl, when we stared confused on what we were to do, Lord Kehl’s voice boomed from a speaker above us.

“Ok boys, show me what you got and don’t forget that I will be watching” was all he said as the cages opened.

Six huge dogs dashed at us, I braced up for the massive clash…

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