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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 19

“Edgar what’s the meaning of this? I thought you promised me three strong men to fight “the beast”, why am I seeing a lean looking male only?” Miguel argued.

“Am really sorry bro, I wanted him to be punish for trying to insult me earlier, he was to be molested but it turned out otherwise, I have seen a little of what he is capable of doing and I must confess, I think that kid would make a mean killing machine” Edgar replied in self defence.

“Well that might be after I have won my $100,000 bet from Miguel” another man near them spoke, his fat throat shaking frivolously as he laughed.
“Boss don’t worry, I would recover your money if you lose it” the blonde guy said.
“No Chan that’s not really necessary, a hundred gram means nothing to me, you can’t face “the beast single handedly, you are my best man and I can’t lose you now, let’s just have fun while it lasts” Miguel said as they all picked up half filled glasses to drink as the duel started.

Pedro felt super charged as his opponent ran towards him, it was like he was on adrenaline boost, he felt really energised and fit, nothing would hinder him from fulfilling his mission to the creed, he knew no fear, death had no sting on him, Lord Kehl was his god. Nothing could stop him.

He side footed the rushing man and elbowed him as he rushed to the other end of the cage.

He tore his shirt and taunted the beast towards him. The crowd gasped as they noticed his tattoos. The large man rushed towards him, throwing two swifts punches in recurring manner.

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He dodged both and still side stepped the beast, ran to the other edge and continued his taunts, that made his opponent go crazy, this time he rushed towards Pedro with his head bent, Pedro braced up for the impact which lifted him off the ground and flunged him from a full five feet, he winced and jumped up, the crowd seemingly loving the action, they cheered louder strengthening the beast.
Pedro smiled and taunted the man forward again, the beast snarled and ran head first towards Pedro, who side stepped him again and sent a full punch to his neck, he had mastered the art of hand to hand kills so he knew every weak spot in a man, as the beast tried to recover, he landed blow to his temple, then swung his leg, catching the man nose which sprouted out blood.

The crowd were dignified, mystified as the raw fighting capability of the young dude against his beastly opponent. The beast groaned and stood up gently, he had never been so beaten up like this before, other nights at this stage he was having fun snapping every bone in his opponent’s body but the reverse was the case, his neck hurt with a broken nose, that was not good news for him. The worst thing was that his opponent was laughing in his face.

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He used that opportunity to grab Pedro’s neck and tried wriggling the life out of him, Pedro caught his hand as the clasped tight round his neck, his breath was seizing but he felt anger and rage passing through every pore in his skin, he threw about five swift punches to the beast bowels which loosened the grip on his neck, as the beast tried to recover he jumped on his body, swung his legs backwards and pulled the huge man with all his strength like he was performing a somersault section, the man lost his grip and went down crashing hard. For a minute the stand went quiet, that was the first time The beast had ever fallen, without resting on his laurels, he sprang up and caught on of his opponent leg, crossed it over his and turned over, the huge weight of the beast prevented him from turning over with his legs, his bones snapped just above the knee as Pedro turned over, then he rushed forward and did the same thing to one arm.

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Juan Miguel could not believe his eyes, the young fighter was crushing all odds against him as he dismembered his opponent, he winked at his fellow partner who was staring like a five year old who lost a chocolate bar, his high expectations had been torn to shreds by the seemingly nobody in the ring. His best fighter was been crushed to death by a little youth. He got angry and walked out quickly as Miguel grabbed the bundles of cash which he left.
“Ladies, tonight we are gonna party hard” he winked at the Asian beauties specially selected for him by the warden, prison was fun for him, at least it was the best way to avoid his enemies who wanted him dead in the outside world.

“Edgar, asked him to finish The Beast” Miguel said to the warden who signalled to one of his men.

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Pedro sat on the chest of the hapless man formerly known as the beast, he pummelled loads of blows on his face, with a broken arm and leg, The beast was harmless. The crowd had turned their full support to the winning kid, a wooded club was thrown into the cage, he looked at it then at the Glass case, Edgar stood smiling at him, then he drew a line on his neck, signalling him to end the beast, Pedro did not wait for a second invite, he rushed forward and picked up the club.

The crowd were all in a frenzy as he smashed the second leg, the stomach, the second arm, then he stood at the head side of the beast and raised the club up, the man laying before him was slowly begging for his life but that did not touch Pedro, the crowd were screaming to see a lifeless body and he granted their wish, slamming his club directly on the forehead of The Beast.

“And now the new champion of the game of death is, Pedro Aviles aka, slayer of the beast” a commentator said as the bell was rung to conclude the match. Every one were in a frenzied mood, they had watched one of the most breath taking match ever. Even Miguel stood up to clap, joining the crowd to chant the name of the new champion, but one person was really angry at the outcome of the fight, his name….


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