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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 18

The hood placed over Xavier’s head showed blurred images as he was dragged down to the game of death, he wondered what that was but his questions were soon answered when he heard loud screams and shouts, people cheering and the distinctive smell of blood, sweat and death.

He was forced into another small cell before the hood was removed, Edgar’s face was the first he saw when he readjusted to the light.

“You know what kid? Those men you killed and dismembered where supposed to fight this night in the game of death but since you took it upon yourself to finish them, you would take their place”
“Well that’s not a bad idea, I hope I cause more surprises” Pedro replied winking at the warden.

They walked away, opening a large door which beamed out more noises, as the door was shut, Pedro sat on the cold floor, his brain calculating what was to happen next, slow footsteps made him alert, a man with a black overall, and a black cap covering his face stood before his cell.
“Xavier, I hope you are not hurt, you were the best man to take this mission, this is the surest way to get closer to Juan Silva Miguel, I’m sure you can easily handle him when the time his right, I would get you out of here when your mission is completed” the man spoke, he pushed a trolley containing a bucket and a mopping stick, he wore a janitor’s uniform and was on alert in case any body came through.
“What’s the game of death?” Pedro asked.
“It a bloody gambling competition, organised for the inmates by the warden and other rich folks in here like your target, its illegal and nobody in the outside world cares, once you die in the game, a story is formulated about how you go involve with a gang here and got killed, you are buried and nobody cares, its like a circle going round and round” the janitor informed him.

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“Hmm that sounds careful, that’s why I was asked to use my fist and use it in abundance, well that won’t be a major problem for me” Pedro bragged.
“Well am sure of that son, take this drug and chew it when you get into the ring, I shall supply you more if you survive from this night. Don’t try to have too much fun Xavier, there are lots of surprises in the game of death” The janitor said before handing over a drug which Xavier collected and held it in his palm as the man walked away.

The large door swung open as large noise hit his ears, two guards showed at his cell and carried him out, he walked cheerfully into a large hall, there was an iron cage about twelve feet tall in the middle while the dignitaries sat in a glass embedded case at the front of the cage, he sighted his target laughing cheerfully with Edgar, a cuban cigar in his mouth and a bottle of champagne stood before them. He quickly studied all their faces.

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Two pretty Asian ladies romancing both men, a blonde dude with gold studs in each of his ears, he was heavily tattooed and chewed gum, his hands were wrapped in white cloth like a fighter, a highly ranked one at that or Miguel’s right hand man because he was also drinking and laughing with them, they did not even look like they were in prison, another elderly man stood at the back of Edgar while some irrelevant men were also talking together, having fun.

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Pedro shifted his attention to the crowd, all comprised of inmates, irate ones cheering and screaming for more blood, he noticed as a groaning fellow was stretchered out, his arm twisted at an awkward manner, his face swollen and teeth missing. Then he turned his attention to the ring itself. A man stood appraising the crowd, a Unclad female was tattooed on his back, he was over 6″7 tall, strong glaring arms and a wide midriff painted him as a killer, he wore just a short trouser, as he faced Pedro, his twisted contorted face could make any opponent pee in his shorts, his teeth were pointing in different directions, scars, old and recently healed ones marred his face, coupled with his clean shaven skull, he looked like someone that had gone to hell and back.

When the crowd noticed Pedro, they screamed in wild ecstasy, cheering the man in the ring to mean glory, it seems like news of his handiwork earlier had spread fast.

They inmates all wanted to see blood, they wanted someone dead, they wanted a pound of his flesh, well he was sure to disappoint them anyway. A mic crackled as the cheers quieten down. Edgar was about to speak.
“Hello boys, am proud to bring before you a new fighter, I would call him three in one because he managed to take down three men whom were supposed to fight the beast standing in that cage right now, I hope he puts on a good show tonight because I personally want his head on a pole in the morning, have fun boys” he blared out as the inmates began beating their stands and cheering “Kill him, Kill him”.

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Pedro noticed that the inmates were divided into seven groups, he noticed each group’s hostility to the other, like enemies fighting a common goal but trying hard to show superiority amongst themselves, he braced up for his fight and turned his attention from the loud noises. He quickly chewed the sweet tasting drug in his palm as he walked into the cage, it was locked as soon as he stepped in.

The beast roared as he stepped in, the crowd cheered louder, his eyes flirted to the glass protection case, Juan Miguel and Edgar were arguing between themselves, he was certain that Miguel was not very happy.

His head began pounding as he felt like fainting, the drug was already taking effect on him, the pounding head stopped as fast as it came, raw pure energy sped into every cell in his body as he felt strength, more powerful than he had ever felt in his life. He felt like a complete beast as he smiled at the so called “the beast” as the bell was rung.

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