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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 16

Xavier retrieved the parcel to study it one more time, the mission was pretty dangerous maybe one of the most dangerous he had ever faced in his short career. He was to assassinate a drug lord in Mexico.

The target was Juan Silva Miguel of the Sinaloa Cartel, the largest in the world, controlling seventeen states in Mexico and through out the U.S, he was arrested for Drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, murder, kidnapping and bribery. He is one of the most influential man in prison so the aim of the mission was to get close to him, win his trust and then eliminate him.

Xavier was gonna spend two weeks in prison, there was no weapon attached to his mission, that was to be arranged when the time was due, he was given the authority to use his kick boxing skills to see the mission through. Now that was a cool mission for Xavier.
By 3pm his custom and make up artist came along with a suitcase containing bags of cocaine and a small fire arm. Xavier head was shaven and tattoos of different weapons was drawn on his body. He looked different, just like an everyday gangster, he knew how to switch into different intonation so that was not a problem for him. He dressed up in a black sweater and jean trousers with loafer. He stared at the picture of Juan Silva Miguel for the last time. He also left his phone behind.

As he got to Chicago airport, he diverted, the creed had an agent there who help him to transport an illegal stuffs if need be. Xavier nodded at the fellow who took his suitcase and walked away. Xavier boarded the plane without disturbance. He made sure he ordered for more than enough snacks and drinks. Mostly getting on the patience of the air hostess.

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As he landed in the Bereito Juarez International Airport in Mexico city, he swipped out his passport and smiled at the good work his make up artist had done. He was now Aviles Pedro, an amateur rapper and producer coming into Mexico city for a local concert.

As he cleared the counter, he waited uneasily for his suitcase to arrive, his swift eyes noticed the airport police as the codedly surrounded him from afar, they were stylishly pointing at him, he knew it was a matter of time before he gets arrested according to his mission. It was fuc.ked up that he won’t get to bang any mexican beauty nor sight see after his mission, that’s if he even came out alive. Well death was the least of his problem then.

“Hey amigo, you are Aviles Pedro right?” An airport police man spoke from behind him.
“Yur Amigo, am the only Aviles Pedro in the whole of Mexico…”

A handcuff slammed on both his hands before he could complete his sentence, the quickly surround him and led him to their waiting vehicle.

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“Hey what’s going on here?” He screamed.
“You are arrested for Drug smuggling and possession of illegal fire arms so you better keep shut” another cop ordered him.

“C’mon Amigos, I have a duet with Lil Wizzy next week, what da do you mean” Xavier shouted and elbowed on of the police men.

A cruel blow at the back of his head knocked him cold. When he woke up he was still handcuffed in a small office containing just a chair and a table, a two way mirror hung in front of him, he shook his head to see two military police men standing with weapons by his side while a man probably in his forties sat, wielding a pen and a jotter.

“Hello Pedro” the man tried a friendly approach.
“I won’t answer you till I get three things” Pedro replied.

“And what are they?”
“A plate of fried potato chips and roasted lamb with wine, an ipad containing all of Lil Wanye’s Carter IV album and a samsung galaxy to update my facebook status” Pedro replied

A huge blow from the guard standing at his right hand side almost tore his jaw open as he screamed. He quickly shut off when another blow was threatened on him.

“Ok Mr Pedro we surely got on a wrong foot, am Mr Eduardo Tesca, an investigator and I must tell you that you are in big trouble, you tried to smuggle drugs into this country despite knowing that the government have tightened their border controls, military and have rained full war on traffickers and gang members so why did you try to bring drugs in, who sent you?”
“My dog” Pedro answered.

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“Kid better answer now or I would have no choice but to throw your in prison, waiting your trial or would you prefer answering me now and let’s cut a deal” Mr Eduardo said.

“Ok Mr Eduardo, I love your name, that’s exactly the name of my dog too, please can I get the phone to update my facebook status because there is one Santa Monica lady that I just added, bro she is very hot and s*xy**, you won’t mind banging her in front of the President’s office….” Before he could finish talking, a hood was placed over his head. He tried struggling but the hold on him was too much. He was thrown into a vehicle and transported for about twenty minutes.
When the hood was removed his eyes fidgeted with the lights before he saw the sign post before him. Slowly he read it out loud.

“Centro de Ejecucion de Sanciones(CEDES)- AKA Home Of Hell”
“Hey Amigos, are we going to see santa claus?” He asked as he was kicked forward, the high electronic gate opened as he stepped into the largest prison facility he ever saw in his life…

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