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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 13

Xavier laughed heartily, prompting the youths also to join him, it felt good laughter with a punk head right?

“Ok bro, surely I don’t want that kind of headline about me, I would leave but not without the beautiful damsel laying on that slab” Xavier said.
The youths began to surround him slowly as they heard his request, their boss slowly raised his shirt and brought out a small hand gun, pointing it at Xavier who immediately raised up his hands in surrender.
“Now dude am giving up just five seconds to leave her or you would be dead” the boss commanded. Xavier stylishly looked around, each of the youths were holding either a jack knife or a wooden club.

“Ok, Ok I clearly overstepped my boundaries, am sorry, am leaving now” he said and began moving back slowly.
“Please don’t leave me here, I don’t wanna die” The blonde damsel cried out, her chest heaving fast as she tried to wriggle out of captivity.

Xavier kept walking backwards towards the direction of the black hippies behind him, the youngest one still held the ladies clothing with one hand while a wooden club was in the other, as Xavier neared him, he shifted back for him to pass. The huge black dude still stood pointing the gun at Xavier, as he passed the boy, Xavier bent low and grabbed the club, using the boy as a shield, a shot rang out, hitting the teen directly on his shoulder blade. Xavier kicked him forward and attacked the dude nearest to him.

He hit the club at the back of the second dude’s legs, then his head, knocking him out, he saw as the huge boss positioned to fire again, quickly he rolled over as a bullet grazed the floor where he bent earlier, her flunged his club at the boss, hitting his forehead and sending him reeling back, then punch the next attacker hard on the groin region, another scissors kick took him out.

The teen was mad with rage despite his wounded shoulder, he picked up one of his fallen colleagues club and charged at Xavier screaming, a well timed punch knocked him to the ground. Xavier dodged an incoming hit from behind him, bent low and grabbed his behind attacker’s hands, another hippy rushed them, he used the former hand to strike his dashing colleague on his head then he twisted the club out of his arms before punching him on his gust, the dude quickly went down. Just two more dudes stood before him with jack knives and the boss had recovered, as the boss bent low to pick his gun, Xavier rushed forward towards the black dudes, they braced themselves but instead he slipped in-between them, punching the air out of their lungs before he kicked the boss and kicked the gun away.

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He raised the huge dude up easily, head butted him and sent a reeling uppercut to his jaw, the lifeless figure dropped to the ground. The job was done and it was too easy. He just got a good training for his next mission.

Five of the hippies were knocked out while the other three all la!d holding their groins, he walked to the bleeding teen and recovered only the short black gown, walked to the lady who la!d quiet, he un loosed her arms and legs and raised her up, she immediately embraced him, tears of joy busted out of her lungs. She quickly dressed up and stood before him.
“Can I take my underwear?” She asked timidly.

“No, because you won’t probably need it again” he smirked, smiling wickedly before walking out, she quickly followed him.
“Thanks for saving my life, my name is…”
“Uh I don’t need to know about that information, you are a LovePeddler and that’s what matters most to me now, I would give you the $400 dollars if you would follow me home or would you prefer to go back in there?”
She stood shocked to her marrow but quickly recovered and nodded her head, following him without any questions. She admired his ride as he walked in without even checking if she had accepted his offer. She jumped in as he sped off.

The silence that followed up was eerie, Xavier eyes only feasted on her fleshy thighs, he was already dreaming of the nice goodies later In the night. He stopped in his favourite club where he had a VIP membership card and locked her in, she did not complain as he left her alone, the bouncers greeted him respectively as he walked into the club, ordered for some Liquor and tipped the bartender and Bouncer heavily, they adored him for that, his favourite Lovepeddler wanted to follow him home but he tipped her and brushed her off. The lady still sat patiently as he opened the back door to drop the bag of liquor. They drove home in silence.

He packed at his front door, not risking anyone one to know his secret garage, he stylishly deactivated his laser before opening the door.

Then he saw the parcel on the table, quickly he ushered the lady to another seat and packed the parcel away into his room which he hid in a locked pass-worded safe.

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The lady was checking out his music collections when he came in.

“John Legend, I love his songs too” she said smiling as he caught her. He nodded his head and brought out the drinks, handed over a bottle to her and opened his took a large gulp before speaking.

“What’s your stage name and which club do you work for?”
“Anita is my stage name and I strip for the golden tulip Club house” she said a little taken aback.
“So what connected you to those hippies?” He continued, slightly rocking in his favourite couch.

“Well I had always wanted to be in a gang bang, so when I was contacted by those four hippies, they accepted to take me to their house to sleep with me for $400 which I readily agreed but when I got to the isolated building I was a little hesitant but they encouraged me that all was well not until I saw four more guys inside, I dashed out but they were faster, they dragged me back in and almost slept with me before you saved me” she explained wiping away a tear.

“Well that’s what you do for a living so you probably should never been scared, so let’s get down to business, here’s $500 for you, tomorrow I want you out of my house before I wake up, the key code is 7-8-2-4. Ok now take off your cloth” he said and gulped his remaining drinks down. She stared at him strangely for a while before pulling off her short gown.

Xavier felt a banging headache and a sweet aroma at the same time, his bed was ruffled, his clothes scattered in one pile, the protection he used the previous night reminded him of his all night romp. He stared at the wall clock which revealed, he groaned and la!d back, his flight to Mexico was by 8pm so he still had a little time to prepare, still the sweet aroma still made his stomach rumbled.

He dragged himself up and walked to the parlour, the aroma was no doubt from his kitchen which alerted him, he smudged forward, tiptoeing slowly, as he neared the slightly closed kitchen door, he opened a drawer filled with cutlery, shifted the above board and took out his pistol with a silencer, he walked closer and peeped quickly through the slight gap opened on the door.

A female with Blonde hair, wearing his most favourite Manchester United sweats shirt without any undies stood in front of the oven, frying eggs while the electric kettle whine filled with water, bread was also toasting. He did not hire a cook so that surprised him, he tucked the gun behind him and pushed the door open, the lady quickly turned to face him.

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“Good morning sweet heart, I observed that our romp last night was really exhaustive so I was preparing breakfast for you” she gladly said.
“And where is your gown?” He asked, his eyes flirting to the bulge in his favourite team’s shirt, she surely looked better in those.

“I washed it, sorry this is also my favourite club and the shirt really fitted me that’s why I took it, I would return it soon” she replied still smiling.
“Before I lose my temper. I want you out of this house now” he screamed as she shifted back shell shocked. When he noticed that she was not adhering to his command, he walked forward and dragged her away, she tried pleading but he took her to the front door, punch in the codes and flunged her out.
He walked to his bathroom and took her still wet black short gown, opened the door and fling it at her, he observed that she wore no shoes from the previous night but that was the least of his troubles, he walked to his mini bar, took a gulp of gin and rushed to the kitchen in time to remove the burnt up egg and bread in the toaster which he replaced with another and made himself a strong coffee.

As he took his bread and coffee to the table he noticed the money still laying on the table where he left it, she had not touch it yet. In anger he swept it apart and finished his breakfast, as he passed his front door he heard someone sobbing outside. He opened the door to see the blonde seated outside weeping, he rushed in and took the money, added another $500 and walked up to her outside.

“Here’s your money, am sure you forgot it” he said and began walking away.
“No I did not, I can’t pay you for helping me last night, probably I may have not survived the gang Molest if you had not saved me. That’s what money can’t buy, you were like my Romeo in a heroes armour. Thanks” she replied.

He stopped in his tracks and listened, her words truly touched his heart. He shook his head and looked at her.
“I don’t wanna see you when I come out again” he said with a mean voice and went in, still leaving the money on her laps.
He had a mission to prepare for and not even God could deviate his mind that moment.

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