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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 12

Xavier picked up his keys and switched off the telly, he left the parcel on the table, he had to celebrate his next mission. He walked to his bedroom, dressed into a black t-shirt and black jean trousers, picked up a bundle of cash on his night stand and wore a pair of sneakers, he admired himself in the mirror, swiping his sleek jet black hair like a model and smiled, he could easily pass for a Hollywood Actor coupled with his cash, ladies easily fell for him, some said he looked like Ben Affleck. He walked towards his bookshelf in his room like he wanted to carry a book but instead he removed the third book on the first shelf and the sixth on the second and third, a twirling sound followed as the book shelf began to open revealing a false door to an underground garage. He activated all security systems before closing the shelf and switching on his garage lightning. Three expensive cars were packed all covered in linoleum casing.

A Prado Jeep, Lamborghini XL and a BMW convertible were his favourite rides, he went to his keys stack and picked the remote key for his BMW convertible, tested the car working conditions before reversing into a long drive way still under ground, he busted out through a remote controlled alley way which an outsider might see to be a government closed project. It was about three blocks from his apartment.

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He sped off keeping steadily to the speed limit, the top cover of his convertible was down so he could enjoy the cool Chicago evening breeze, he loved to watch the sun set gently while trying to chase it, just after ten blocks he slammed fiercely on his brakes, luckily he was on a free way and no cars were behind him, he turned over and returned back to an isolated building where four young black hippies were trying to dragged a young blonde white female into the building. He observed for awhile, the lady wore a black short gown as she struggle it revealed her g-strings which Xavier admired, her black pumps were useless then as she tried to stump on her captors, her face was heavily painted and her hair arranged in a whorish manner, no one needed to be told twice that she was a Lovepeddler, exactly the types Xavier liked. He packed his vehicle in a hidden place and stepped out, went discreetly towards them.
“Leave me alone, I don’t want the money anymore” The lady screamed.

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“Says who?”
“We won’t allow our $400 go just like that until our boss says so” another hippy said.
“Well I haven’t collected it yet so just leave me alone” she shouted.

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“Shut up bi.tch, you love fetish stuffs, we are just fulfilling your desires” another black dude said smacking her b0s0m. She winced and tried biting him but another slap subdued her as she was carried shoulder high into the isolated building. Her low m0ans stirring weakly into the dawning sunset.

Xavier waited for full three minutes before kicking the rusted iron door open with full force. Bat and birds droppings littered the building floor, seems like the building was formerly a poultry house because cages lined the interior, scattered and barely in good shape, either destroyed by the eight black youths staring wide-eyes at him or destroyed by old age and worn out by rust. The blonde lady la!d on a wooden slab, unclad, her legs and arms spread apart and chained to each four corners of the slab.

A huge black guy stood in front of her, his zipper down, revealing a powerful J0yst!ck that could split maybe a chicken anus into two. He could see tears in her eyes as the leader of the gang was about to penetrate her. Another youth, probably the youngest, not more than sixteen years of age was charged with holding her clothes and lingerie, he was smelling them like his life depends on it while a huge bulge showed up in his tight fitting trousers.

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“Damn guys that’s a really nice tits” Xavier joked, touching his chin like in deep thought.
Just like a bad joker on a stage, his audience refused to laugh.

“C’mon niqqas, I thought we are here to have fun?”
“Punk face, what brought you into this neighbourhood?” The boss asked, tucking his now semi-flaccid J0yst!ck into his still opened trousers.

“Nothing much, I was on a way to the club when I saw your boys struggling with that s*xy** damsel laying there, so I thought you guys were hosting a strip show which was not a bad idea for me to join anyway” Xavier explained, the youngest of the youths busted into laughter, prompting the rest of them to laugh also, the boss only chuckle and smirked angrily at them which shut them up.

“Now White dude, you better continue on your way to the club or your pictures would be pasted on tomorrows front page papers, saying ‘White mudafu-Cka found at the centre of Green Ben lane without his balls’, sounds cool right?”

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