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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 11

After a few other questions we were free to go, we packed our luggages and waited outside the hotel. A mad familiar cab pulled in front of us, its colour painted green. Rita packed our luggages, most which she took away while I was knocked out before the meeting with Mr Ribandu.
“Hey Guys, good to see you Xavier in one piece, boy you would be one mean killing machine some day” The unmistaken voice of Anglo Paras spoke out.
I smiled at Rita and jumped in, finally I knew it was all a plan, they were all members of The Assassins Creed also. Anglo could not stop telling me of his many missions on the way to the airport. He was also recruited together with Rita, and both were stationed in Liberia expecting any mission that came from the Creed.

It felt sad leaving them in the airport, I wished they could just go with me, I picked another latest copy of the Liberty Newspaper before walking into the airport terminal. They were having a filled day accusing a dead man of been gay, the report claimed he came to sleep with a white man and finally choked to death. What a way to have your paper sold out.
The five of us all returned safely though one of the boys had a fractured arm, we all looked happy and anxious, hungry for more of those kind of missions.

“Ok boys I can see that I made no ill mistake choosing the lot of you into this creed, it is my honour to officially welcome all of you to the Assassins Creed. But before I let you guys have too much fun, I have some rules which some of them were already made known to you on your test missions” Lord Kehl said arrogantly.

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One, we are a brotherhood and as you know it, brothers don’t betray brothers, neither do brothers hesitate to silence who so ever betrays this Creed.

Two, Your mission would always have one objective-To kill, except I ask you to do otherwise and its very rare for that to happen.

Three, You all can’t afford to fail or else death follows, and there is no second chance or re-tries, because just a piece of bullet should kill your target, one elixir, one fatal blow, one stab wound. Once you fail that, you would be taken out.

Four, You can leave the Creed, you only leave when you are in a body bag, there should be no questions asked concerning any mission, your job is to complete it and get the hell out of there. And we keep to time, if you miss the time assigned to you during a mission then you would DIE!!!

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Am I cleared?”
“Yes Lord” we all answered, the euphoria of joining the Creed was banished from our systems, we were facing reality which could make or break us. The last rule burgled my heart terribly. We formed a straight line and matched into the elevator.

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Later in the day we were all assigned our zones where we were to leave secluded lives, keeping away from neighbours and training for each mission given to us. The other five boys were spread in different countries but Lord Kehl said I was staying in the states close to the head quarters. I was surely his right hand man.
Well that was how my life in the Creed began…

“Sir we are at the airport” The taxi man brought Xavier back to reality.

He smiled at the young driver, paid and walked out of the vehicle. The taxi driver stared as the strange man walked away, he felt like calling the cops maybe to interrogate the man, but how would he explain that his passenger knew something about his missing Grandpa. Slowly he reverse his taxi and sped away.

Chicago, United states.

Xavier unlocked his apartment and stood still, taking of his shirt, he kicked the door ajar and threw in his shirt which burnt out, dividing the shirt into eight pieces. Nobody had tempered into his house. He switched off the laser system hidden just beneath a flower pot at the side of his front pouch. Then he walked to his mailbox, took out two large parcels and walked inside.

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His well decorated house was clean to a fault, he put of the heating system and sat on a single sofa at the side of his wine bar, took a bottle of wine and a glass.

One parcel contained money for his mission in Estonia, he poured all the packs of monies on the table smiling as he greedily counted all.

Two Million dollars was not bad for a boy of his age, he was just eighteen and could give a long list of big business moguls that he was richer than.

He packed all the money into the parcel and locked them in a safe under the sofa he was sitting on, covered with persian carpet. Then switched on The hanging Plasma Telly on the wall to a world news channel.
The second parcel contained three details written on the body..

Mission priority-Very High
Mission length-Two weeks.
He smiled as he tore open the Parcel, he was going to Mexico. The creed had began to really favour him, the last he talked to Rita, she told him that she had gotten no new mission since the last three months but he rarely stayed a month without a new mission.
His adrenaline pumped..

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