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Frenemies – Episode 8 [Completed]




✨Author Bella’s Pov✨

After long contemplation,Gabi accepted Aiden’s offer and backed out of the bet running home,her heart was shattered and she couldn’t take it anymore.

She cried her eyes out hoping she was making the right decision but she couldn’t bare to keep this whole facade with her step brother,it was ungodly and wrong in so many ways.

A few days later Aiden told her the names of the guys and Ethan was one of them. On the night she was to have sex with them,Ethan paid her a visit in her room and told her not to do but she wouldn’t listen,he warned her but she paid dead ears after which he told her he would enjoy having her making her realise he was a demon and nothing more.

Later at night,Gabi did the deed and had sex with the guys,she felt dirty,like a slut but she did it anyways.

It was a price she had to pay for her innocence and in her own way she felt like she was doing the right thing.

Aiden fulfilled his own part of the deal and and a sex tape of the two of them and Gabriella was free to go.

Two weeks later,Gabriella had successfully completed her goal in avoiding Ethan,Ruth and Aiden she became a loner going to class and back simply not interested in finding love or making any new friends.

Her life took another turn when she realised she was pregnant,it was ironic because she had no idea who the father was.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

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She cried her eyes out nearly committing suicide,she sought abortion and found a doctor who would do it for her.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

In the process,the police arrived and she was caught apparently they’ve been after that same doctor for a while now.

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Gabriella was deported back to Spain where she was charged with international crimes and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

A year later,She gave birth in prison to a beautiful girl and Miguel stood by her in helping her take care of the child while she served time.

It took her mum time to let go of everything and forgive her but she did because in the end Gabriella was her daughter.

Against all odds,Gabriella went back to Spain.

She would make her mum proud and she face her father even though it hurt.

She met the shock of her life realising that Ethan lied,Aiden’s dad wasn’t even her father.

Everything was a sham,it was all a plan to get her into their bed.

Ethan had no reason to make Gabriella fall for Aiden ,he just played her. Devastated but still focused Gabriella put everything behind her and focused on her studies

She learnt her lesson and Kept away from everyone including Ruth.

Her father turned out to be a responsible man,he stopped drinking and became better,he came back to Spain and apologized to Gabi’s mother.

They were both present as she graduated from the University of California with honours as a doctor and at the age of 30.

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Ethan and Aiden asked for forgiveness but Miguel beat them up badly before

Gabriella forgave them at the hospital .

She went back to Spain and it took her months but she finally decided to be with Miguel.

He was truly the ONE.

It took her alot of time to realise it but he was right in front of her.

After a few years , Gabriella took a paternity test because her daughter deserves to know her father.

It turned out to be Ethan and although Gabriella still remembers what he did to her ,she allowed him to be a part of her daughter’s life ,she did it for her daughter.

Reminscing about her past, Gabriella wrote her life history in a book and titled it FRENEMIES to serve as an inspiration to every girl out there who might have faced what she did in the hands of boys.

In the end she turned out amazing and as a doctor who saves life every single day she made sure to inform every one out there that abortion would never be the answer and your child deserves a life,you have no right to end it. A mother and an amazing wife Gabriella turned out to be.

Life was cruel but it also made her what she is today and for that she would always be grateful.

What she went through in life made her experienced and molded her into the

person she is today.














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