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Frenemies – Episode 5





✨Gabriella’s Pov✨

Remember when I said Ethan was my pen pal,well I didn’t have just one,I had two actually

Unlike with Ethan,my relationship with Ruth wasn’t so anonymous.

We didn’t video calls and all,long talks I even stayed up late at night for her up all till we lost contact a year ago.

She was Nigerian and I came from Spain but she was sweet and nice with freakishly amazing hair.

“You started schooling here?…I asked noticing she was holding books.

“Yeah I did,since last year.

“That’s why you lost contact.

“Yeah am really sorry.

“It’s no problem…I said staring at her.

“You’re here too though.

“Yeah I am actually.

“What dorm number.


“That’s cool,I’m number 12.

“Yeah…I said awkwardly.

“So you know your way around campus yet?.

“No not really,I don’t even wanna study here.

“Why not?.

“I miss home and I’ll do anything to get back.

“We all miss home when we first get here but California is amazing.

“Spain is amazier…I said as she giggled.

“Alright well why don’t I show you around and afterwards we’ll go to a party.

“It’s a Wednesday.

“This isnt highschool Gabriella,frat boys have parties literally every day.

“But what about classes the next day

“No one cares if you don’t come to class Gabi all they care about are grades like I said not highschool.

“It isn’t like that in spain though my college is just like highschool.

“Well then this party would show you how California’s college is.

“Do you think it’s a amazing idea to go to a party on my first day?.

“I think it’s an amazier idea…She said as we both giggled.

Ruth was even more fun in person,she showed me around the city and it was so beautiful but I still wanted to go home that’s all I really ever wanted,go home and give Miguel a change,he might be the one I’ve been waiting for .

It was 6pm when we both got back to the dorm agreeing to go change and meet back in 10 minutes.

I rushed back to my room using my door as I searched my closets for something party worthy.

I remembered the first highschool party I went to,I got my first kiss from a random guy I didn’t even know because I read in a book that we would fall in love later on… Stupid I know.

After that,I kissed alot more guys but nothing came I still felt empty but I didn’t stop going to parties and making out with guys searching for the one that would make my heart flutter.

At one point I would feel like a slut but they didn’t really stop me I was determined to find my true love at any cost.

With Miguel it felt great at first,when we kissed I actually enjoyed it but weeks later I just got tired I have no idea why it happens but it does,I date a guy then after a few weeks I loose interest.

The sex might be good,the make out sessions might be amazing but i would just break up with the person for absolutely no reason in my heart I would just want to let go. So far ,Miguel was the longest relationship ice ever had ,he lasted six months with me before I got tired.

After him,the other guys barely lasted a month.

I got clad in a V-neck red gown as I did my make up which consisted of mainly powder.

I grabbed my clutch,checking if I forget anything.

Taking one last glance at my reflection in the mirror,I walked outside heading downstairs to wait for Ruth.

Unlike me,Ruth was wearing a crop top and a long trousers.

The crop top showed a little skin and she loosed her hair without combong it making her look beautiful.

“Wow…We both said simultaneously.

“You look beautiful…She says as I smiled.

“Likewise…I said standing close to her.

“You never did tell me how we were gonna get to the party.

“A car or a cab.

“My car.

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“You have a car?.

“Yeah and you’ll need one too.

“I won’t be staying long..

“Why do you seem so confident.

“Because I know…I said grinning as we walked to her car.

“Alright let’s party…she said as I got in trying hard not to laugh.

She pulled over at some abandoned house with music booming and college students coming in and out.

“Here’s the deal about frat parties,you can do literally anything…She said as we stepped out.

“I’m gonna make your first memorable for you…She said placing her arm over my shoulder as we got in.

“Ruthie..A guy called out walking up to her as she kissed him.

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“Gabi this is my boyfried Donnie.

“Hey Donnie.

“You’re new…He remarked.

“Yeah I’m…

“She’s the Spanish exchange student…Ethan finished coming out from one side of the house.

“Cool…you know I speak Spanish a little.

“You do?…I asked surprised.

“Si{yes}…He said as I chuckled.

“I speak too and I know that’s so Cerdo…Ethan said as Donnie chuckled.

“Seriously man?…Don’t say that again…Donnie said laughing this time.

“Why not ? Gabriella said it means cute…cutie…He said as I started laughing.

“It doesn’t mean cute does it…He said realising it.

“Nope…I said grabbing a half empty bottle of drink.

“What do it means?.

“Figure it out…I said winking getting into the party.

I spent most of my time on the dance floor,swaying my hips to the music that was playing and I was having an amazing time.

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Usually I would have to sneak off to parties but now I’m free to do whatever the hell I want.

“Hey we’re heading upstairs to play games…Ruth said as I stopped dancing following her.

“What are we playing?.

“Not sure…She said as we walked into a room.

“You called me a pig…Ethan barked as I giggled.

“I called you once,you said it repeatedly…I said giggling .

“Who’s up for truth or dare!

“We play that ever time…A girl said groaning.

“Let’s play a drinking game then.

“Which one…Ruth said as we sat on the floor. “Never had I…He said as they cheered “You know this one exchangie?

“I do naked boy,how did it go with your girlfriend…I said smirking,filling my cup with alcohol.

“I’ll get you back for that,she was amazing in bed.

“Aww so sad…I said mockingly.

“Okay I’ll be asking the questions…Donnie said as Ethan kept shut.

“Never had I had sex…He started as no one drank .

“Hoes…Donnie said as some laughed.

“So the exchangie is not that bad.

“I’m better than your English… Exchangie “Nickname …don’t you like it.

“No I don’t and you need a new English teacher.

“When your dad is the dean you get certain credits…He said smirking.

“Never had I …had a one night stand..He said as few people drank.

“Impressive..Ethan commended when I didn’t take a sip.

“Never had I…got into a fight…He said as I still didn’t drink.

“There’s more to you than meets the eye…He said as I glared.

“Never had I…fallen in love…Donnie said as I froze.

“I don’t think a bunch of meaningless kisses ,one night stands could count as love ,I’ve never really experienced that at all.

So I raised up my cup and took a sip surprised to see Ethan doing the same thing.

“Love is for the weak anyways…A guy from the end of the room said as I stared at him.

“Who’s that?…I asked Ruth

“That is Aiden Lucas ,the biggest player you’d ever meet…She said as I took another sip staring at him.

After an eventful game of never had I of which I barely took more than five drinks. They decided to play a game of truth or dare and I decided I would stick around for just two rounds.

“Ok Gabriella,truth or dare.


“Weakling…Ethan said chuckling.

“Cerdo…I said smiling sweetly.

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“What do want most right now?…Donnie asked as I thought hard

“To go back to Spain…I said sighing.

“Awww…Ethan cooed his tone dripping with mockery.

“Truth or Dare Gabi?.

“Dare…I said gulping.

“I dare you to tell us your deepest most stupid secret.

“Searching for true love….I said as Ethan bursted into fists of laughter.

“I’m out …I said walking out of room meeting Ethan’s confused gaze.

“Hey…Ethan said walking after me.

“What is it…I said as he scoffed.

“Rude much.

“Tired much…I said yawning seeing it was almost 10 pm.

“What you said back three doesn’t make any sense,why would you wanna go back.

“Because I never wanted to come here in the first place,my mum signed me up for this because she never lets me do anything by myself ,always thinking she knew what’s best for me and I’m gonna do everything in my power to go back..I said as he smirked.

“Seriously you wanna leave so badly.

“Yes Ethan,laugh it up.

“Actually I can help you.

“Help me.

“Yes,my dad is the dean it’ll be my pleasure falling you so you get sent back.

“Why do I sense a but coming up.

“But we’d have to do it slowly so no one notices,you are intelligent..He said as I smirked.

“Which is why I Know there’s a catch.

“You’re right.

“In return I want you to do something for me.


“A bet.

“A what?.

“I need you to make a bet with Aiden Lucas.

“Why would I do that.

“Because you’re gonna make him fall in love with you.

“That’s crazy!.

“It’s not actually,you make Aiden fall in love with you and in a matter of weeks you’re back home.

“And how do you expect me to do that,he’s a player and I don’t even know him.

“Gabriella you seem like someone who watches a lot of movies and reads alot plus you said it you’re waiting for the one right so you should know everything starts with a one night stand.

“You want me to sleep with him.

“Its not the first time you’ve done it.

“No!…I said firmly.

“How badly do you wanna home.

“Not bad enough to be your personal slut!.

“What’s in it for you?.

“That’s personal.

“It’s really not.

“Are you in or not.

“I already said no Ethan.

“Okay fine maybe you don’t have to sleep with him today but you need to make him fall for you then before you know it you’ll be in España{Spain}.

“Why are you doing this.

“I told you it’s personal.

“Go make a bet with Aiden he won’t refuse trust me,make him fall for you.

“And what if he doesn’t huh?.

“He will.

“Oh and Gabi,don’t fall for him…If you do it’ll end up in tears for you “Yeah right…I said rolling my eyes.

“Am supposed to make him fall for me so why would it be bad if we both fall in love.

“Just don’t fall for him.

“Hmm,I’m making it a goal to do the opposite of what you say

“Are you in or not?…He asked rolling his eyes This time.

I stared at his eyes for a second or two trying to figure out hair agenda I just realised for the first time I was taking a good look at him and he was actually a little cute if he wasn’t being a jerk most of the times.

“I’m in…I finally said, feeling like I just made a deal with the devil.

“Good ,he’s right over there.

“Wait you mean right now,I don’t get to plan or anything.

“Yeah don’t your novels tell you it all begins at a party.

“Thought you said it begins with one night stand!.

“Same thing…He said smirking as I walked towards Aiden.
















To be continued


{Less Than Friends,Less Than Enemies}



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