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Frenemies – Episode 4




✨Gabriella’s Pov✨

I blinked my eye lids rapidly,slowly regaining consciousness as the moments leading up to this one flashed through my memory.

“Oh shit…I cursed in English this time standing up from what seemed to be a bed.

“Finally you’re up..I heard a male voice say as I averted my eyes quickly.

“Am dressed now… He said as I heaved a sigh of relief staring at him.

“Now I ask again what are you doing in my room?.

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“Umm..if you don’t want me to faint again,I suggest you don’t shout I’ll faint if you raise your voice.

“Is that a threat?.

“It’s not a threat,it’s fact anyone who screams at me especially at with a deep tone makes me pass out…I said as he smirked.

“Okay ,what are you doing in my room?.

“It’s my room too,I’m in room 56…I said as he stared at me weirdly.

“You’re the Spanish exchange student,my pen pal?…He asked as I stared at him strangely.

“Wait you’re my online friend?…I asked as he shrugged “Yes I am,I didn’t imagine you to be this stupid. “What did you call me?.

“Stupid,very stupid infact I don’t get how I could be friends with you since I mean I really don’t get why the university of Spain speaks highly of you,who enters someone else’s room just like that.

“Umm someone with a key…I said angrily.

“A stupid someone with a key…he retorted as I got up angry.

“How can I be stupid when I have a key?…I asked as he giggled.

“Well you have a key ,you opened the door you didn’t need to barge in.

“I called out but you didn’t answer.

“I didn’t hear you,your voice is so small it’s no wonder…He said annoying me.

“Oh now you’re blaming it on my voice.

“No no no….I’m blaming it on your stupid voice…He said as my annoyance turned

to anger.

“Cerdo{Pig}…I cursed angrily.

“What’s cerdo?.

“Cerdo means cute ,cutie…I said smiling .

“Ohh I see you noticed,I mean I know I try not to try but it just happened am such a cerdo…He said as I started laughing.

“What’s funny?.

“Nothing…You’re right you’re such a cerdo ..I said smirking.

“So how’s this both our rooms.

“Well,that door is the entry and exit from the room ,the other part of the room is a door which leads to your room…He explained as my lips formed an “o”.

“But how can I exit the room with just your entry.

“You can’t ,your door has a back door but it’s easier to use my exit though…He said smirking

“You would know that if you didn’t barge in though..He added cockily.

“Like I said I had a key!.

“Yeah whatever ,you can go neo ,I really don’t wanna see your face anymore.

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“Gabriella…He completed.

“How do you know my name.

“I went through your stuff…He said shrugging.

“You did what!.

“Cute undies.


“You saw me naked,it’s only fair I get to see some of your clothes.

“Cerdo…I spat out.

“I know.

“You don’t,you really don’t…I said giggling walking out deciding whether to tell him it’s real meaning.

“Bye Gabriella…He said as I smirked deciding to enjoy the moment for just a little longer.

I placed the key in the key hole,opening the door to my room as I sighed.

It was really big ,a large part at one end,a closet and a dressing mirror at the other and thankfully my own bathroom which means the only thing we had to share was a kitchen.

I rolled my suit case yo the closet as I folded my clothes thinking of ways to fail as soon as possible so I can get sent back to Spain.

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Hours later,I was finally able to fold my clothes properly and even take a shower,changing into casual clothes as it hit me.

“Shit my phone…I cursed standing up realising that who ever he was took it.

We were pen pals but we thought we were never gonna see each other so we left it anonymous,he used a stupid name and I did same.

“Where’s my phone …I thundered walking back into his room.

“Right Miguel, Gabi’s not here …she’s currently taking a shower and once she’s out I’ll give a call back…I heard him say as I grabbed my phone from his grip.

“Umm Miguel ,I’ll give you a call in five minutes.

“Who’s he Gabi?.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

“I’ll call you back in five minutes…I said hanging up.

“Leaving a boyfriend back there isn’t good ,who knows when you’ll see him again.

“Trust me ,I’ll see him very soon and he’s my ex…I said as he smirked.

“An ex who clearly hasn’t gotten over you..He said as I glared.

“My phone and my things are off limits!.

“And you,are you off limits…He said flashing my a smile which I expected was to woo me.

“That depends…I said flirtatiously.

“On what?…He asked gulping.

“How good are you?…I said d


“Very good.

“Then you should explain this to your girlfriend…I whispered slowly as I stared at him seeing him shocked.

“Ethan!…A girlish voice screamed as I got off him grinning.

“Ethan…I thought smiling.

“Who’s she.

“His new roomie apparently.

“Shut up you…He said as I smirked.

“You’re the one who got naked in front of me…I said as he glared.

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“No Joana I swear it’s nothing like that.

“I’m out of here…She said almost in tears rushing out as Ethan ran after her.

“They was fun…I thought giggling as I called Miguel.

“Hey…He said lowly.

“Miguel,is not what you think,that guy is my roommate that’s all.

“You have a guy for a roommate?

“Apparently that’s how it works here.

“Can’t you ask for a change?.

“I’m on a scholarship,I don’t think I have rights to anything.,I said as he sighed.


“There’s nothing going on between us,I got a bad vibe the moment I met him,he’s supposed to be my pen pal but he proved my right once again that all Americans are rude and obnoxious…I spat out .

“Just study hard and come back to us…come back to me…He said softly as I sighed.

“I need to rest now Miguel,I have a long day tomorrow ..I said .

“Alright…He said softly.

“Bye Miguel..

“Bye Gabi…He said as I hung up.

“Don’t worry Miguel,I won’t be here for much longer…I whispered softly checking the time.

“It was just 2pm in the afternoon and by my timetable I have classes by 8am tomorrow which means I needed to get to bed on time but not right now,I guess I can check the campus out…I thought putting my phone in my back pocket as I exited the room.

I got out through the back exit as I noticed other rooms were like that,I couldn’t help but wonder if they were mixed like hours or some were of the same gender. I climbed the stairs down as I got out of the dorms.

I held my map tightly as I decided to check the library first.

“I wouldn’t stay here for long,I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

I followed the directions of the map slowly burying my head into the piece of paper as I walked in a straight line.

“Shit…I cursed as a force pushed me making me fall hitting my head .

“Oh am sorry,am so sorry I was in a hurry…A black female said slowly.

“Yeah ,I get that alot a Nigerian girl in an American school spread the word…She said chuckling.

“Do I know you?…I asked her voice and her face looking so farmilar.

“I doubt that.

“No I do know you …I said trying to place my finger on it.

“OMG!…Ruth…I said gasping.

“How do you know my name?.

“Ruth come on don’t you remember me,it’s Gabi?.

“Soy yo Gabi{It’s me Gabi}…I said as she stared at me in shock.


“What are you doing here?…She asked as I stood up straight.
















To be continued✨


{Less Than Friends,Less Than Enemies}



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