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Frenemies – Episode 2




Aiden Lucas,An American student of the university of Davis,California. Unlike the romance movies he watches,although he’s drop dead georgous,a renowned player,All through highschool he waited for that one girl to tame his heart just like the movies he watches.

He patiently waited for love, wrote in diaries,made wishes but still nothing came. He got through high school sleeping with half of the girls waiting for the special one who would tame him.

Now in college,he has no intention of finding true love anymore.Hell bent on continuing with his player ways, he believes Love is just a fairy tale in books and highschool love was a sham made up by authors of books and directors of movies .

I’m conclusion,it doesn’t exist .

Gabriella Alejandro,a Spanish student of the college of Málaga,Spain.

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Unlike the romance novels she usually reads,she didn’t find her one true Love in highschool,have that magical kiss and all .

Nothing came so she’s determined to find it in college no matter what it takes.

She’s a transfer student reunited with her online best friend…It’s a dream come true.

She gets to go to one of the most famous schools in America and have the chance

of meeting her father…I mean what could go wrong ? .

The bet was never part of the plan but she just had to go along with it, it turned out to be the biggest regret of her life.

What happens when the bet turns out to be an impossible one,Making the school’s biggest player fall for her.

I mean it happens in cliche novels right only this time the tables are turned,the bet isn’t for the guy to make the girl fall for him,it’s quite the opposite.

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But wait a minute,that was her goal right??…To find love.

How does she do it when the guy is someone she can’t seem to like nor dislike…A frenemy she calls him.

How does she back out when the consequence is having sex with three guys of their choosing,to top it all off to do something which she vowed never to do,as if the sex wasn’t enough?

How does she find her father admist all these trouble and get through college in one piece.

Was coming to America a bad idea?.

How does she get through all her troubles?

And in the end how does she fulfill her ultimate goal…Finding her one true

love,getting her happily ever after even if this infact isn’t Disney .

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