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Free Pu$$y, Free Pregnancy (18+) – Season 1 Episode 4

As I was grasping and sU-Cking on her left b0s0m, na so something happened!!!
Guess what???
Someone knocked!!!
Me: who is that?
Lady: its me…
Me: like you no get name, answer me jor!
Lady: Zainab…
Me: what do u want?
Lady: my assignment ni o
Me: go and wait for me in the other room
Lady: answer me now pls,
Me: (shouts) go away then if you cannot wait, gerara here!!!
Lady: sorry o
I then face bimbo to continue the job I’m assigned to do, na so she turned that pinked, shaved and soothing pusshy to me…
I was like ‘arabinrin,me I no like this o’
Guessed she understood, as I get on with my mind blowing job…..
I then carry out my J0yst!ck that’s gives me signal say e don need work’ out…
I put the J0yst!ck in between her b0s0m by pushing both b0s0m on my J0yst!ck wey dey in…
I was just ramming in and out, boob-fu-Cking her for like 10 mins before I Pour….
I then placed the StillHardLooking J0yst!ck for her mouth, I was now mouth fu-Cking her till I get hard again….
She was wondering how stiff my J0yst!ck is after I had Pour without her doing any magic, I then carry out my Condomanize thing from wallet…
She collected it from me, tore it and wear it on my J0yst!ck… I then started kissing her and at the same time using my J0yst!ck to play with the entrance of her [email protected]
I saw tears forming from her eyes as I was doing that job, I didn’t remove my mouth from her mouth as I was busy kissing and playing with the entrance of the [email protected]!!!!

As I removed my mouth from hers, she come dey beg me to enter her, I played at the entrance for like 3 minutes after she started crying….
I then entered in that place, I was still moving slow and steady in her as she pressed me harder to her….
Guessed she was about to Pour, I was still moving slow for like 5mins when she Pour…
After she cumed, I then increase my pace…
I F***ed the hell out of her that she was saying rubbish like ‘hush hush hush’ jai chai cho’ juse ju chi’ please don’t leave me o’ F**K me harder pls’….
I F***ed every wall of the [email protected], all corners that my J0yst!ck was touching her deep end….
She then pushed me up after about 37mins that I was busy fu-Cking her…
Bimbo: please, its okay!! Please!!!
Me: lemme Pour first, pls…
She wanted to run out as I held her from back then start to give her some doggy style of life, pounding in her with full energy!!!
She then come pretend like she don faint, I then turn her around and knack am with the Almighty missionary style…
She wasn’t talking gibberish anymore, it was like she don faint but one funny thing is that she was just moving her head from left to right with every thrust I’m giving out….
I called her name, she didn’t answer, na so I remove my J0yst!ck….
She asked if I don Pour, I said NO, she then burst to tear, telling me its okay, I still refuse telling her that after I Pour…
We F***ed like an hour plus 50 mins like that sha….
I was about to Pour when I saw that she don faint true true….
Bimbo! Bimbo!! I called out…..

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