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Free Pu$$y, Free Pregnancy (18+) – Season 1 Episode 3

It was Bimbo
Alhaji: is this the person you’re waiting for that you didn’t want to follow me?? Anyway, no problem…. Bye….
I was relieved as I saw him jetting out of the gate, I didn’t even know what to do at that moment that I was just starring at her.
Will you just stand there and be looking at me, bimbo said…
I’m sorry, let’s go in….
I opened my door for her to enter then I follow suite…
Bimbo: is this where your room sha? Cos I felt its too big for you….
Me: na my grandmas room, oya jor! What will you like to eat???
Bimbo: sorry o, I’m not taking anytin nitemi o!!!
Me: u dey vex?? Okay sha, wait for me I dey come!!!
Na so I dash outta d room to our shop to get bimbo drink….
Mum: you know u don collect card for morning, you still wan take drink now, where is the money???
Me: sheybi I never eat afternoon food…. Na my afternoon food money I dey take small small oo…
Mum: no prob, take am I dey watch u
As I took d drink for her freezer, I went back to the room only to meet the most surprising thing I believe it can make one go blind,
Guess what????
bimbo was Unclad….
Me: yeh! Mogbe oo!!! Wetin be dis?
Bimbo: stop behaving like a kid jo, don’t you like what you see???
Me: of course, na my taste be this…. But Bimbo
Before I could finished talking she don come near me and plant kiss for my lips…
Believe me, that girl na usher(good kisser), her b0s0m con dey rub my clad chest!!!
its not up to 5seconds that I took off my cloth too…
She then pushed me to bed lying on top of me, I didn’t know my forever in act jack bauer(D*ick) can stand with full force e take stand that day….
She then suddenly and surprisingly stand up to her feet pointing at my J0yst!ck…

Bimbo: ohh, its too big o… U go kill pesin for here o….
Me: I no go kill pesin, na murder I go murder pesin….. Come here jo, no be u wey turn me on???
That animal wey dey puma logo no fit jump with the way she jumped on me…. She swallowed my J0yst!ck completely, I was at cloud 9 then, she sU-Cked me ehn, that I forgot to type for you….
She go spit on the J0yst!ck, then lick am till it dries…
Like a winch, I didn’t know how she sighted the milk I kept for my reading table!!! She went over there to take the milk.. I even think say she wan drink am ni, didn’t know say na kinni she wan use am for..
She then pour the milk on my J0yst!ck, she go sU-Ck am dry, pour on my J0yst!ck, sU-Ck am dry… She kept on doing this till the milk finished…
I even think say she go carry the drink I bought for her to continue but I understood the message she was passing as she sq££zed the b0s0m…
My eyes shined ehn!
I come take over by grabbing those two twins….
As I was grasping and sU-Cking on her left b0s0m, na so something happened!!!
Guess what???
Someone knocked!!!

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