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Frapping Farm Girl – Season 1 – Episode 2 [Completed]

Leaning back, pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs, she handed him the red dildo and then closed her eyes. Damon was kind of afraid of hurting her and so he gently inserted it between her lips. ”Push it right in,” she said, “I love the feel of it.”

He gradually shoved it up to the hilt and wondered just where that would reach in her belly.
“Move it up and down then,” she urged him, getting a little impatient.

Damon, needing a little stimulation himself, shoved his hand under her TShirt, under her flimsy bra and massaged her tit. He then started to work the dick in and out of her hairy twat, slowly at first and then faster and faster as she responded with moans and groans and cries of “That is so f*cking good.”

When she came she writhed around on the hay like a madwoman and then cried out, “Give me the real thing Damon – f*ck me – please f*ck me.”

With his pants around his ankles and his prick standing up at a thirty-degree angle, he dropped to his knees and rammed it into her wet muff. She loved it and so did he.

As she pulled up her top so he could see her tits bounce Damon drove it into her like a piston rod. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls beginning to tingle and his hot cum moving up. When he shot his load she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him tight against her.
When she released her grip she smiled,

“I liked that – didn’t you?”

“I liked it a lot,”

She put the dildo in her mouth and started to suck on it and when she pulled it out she said,
“I know lots of ways to make you cum, why don’t we meet up here when uncle Fred takes his nap in the afternoons and I could show you.”

A few weeks later Damon had cum so many times his balls looked like two shriveled walnuts.

Eventually, he had to quit farming as he was too worn out to handle a hoe. THE END

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