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Frapping Farm Girl – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 2]

Frapping Farm Girl

Frapping Farm Girl

Frapping Farm Girl
by Cristiano Caffieri

Angela liked working on the farm but when she had to witness the bull f*cking the cows she was a bit embarrassed standing there with Damon, a young man she was sweet on. Sometimes when the bull missed the mark he would grab onto the long cock and guide it in for him. She sometimes dreamed about guiding Damon’s d!ck into her p**sy, however, she kept her distance, and for good reason. Her uncle owned the farm and he was highly religious. She knew that any sign of the two youngsters fooling around would get her into trouble and Damon would lose his job.

In the hayloft above the cowshed, she had concealed a dildo she had bought on a trip to Cleveland and when she felt frustrated she would sneak up there and slip it into her crack. It was shaped just like a penis, a big penis and she loved the feel of it. She didn’t always cum because she was under a certain amount of tension, always afraid that someone might burst into the loft at any time.

This actually happened one day and it was no other than Damon who had come up looking for a pitchfork. He looked a little surprised to see her lying back on the hay slipping in and out of her crack. She quickly stopped and tried to hide it but the damage was done.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” he said, “I often come up here myself to masturbate.”

“Do you really?”

“Well being so far from town I never get the chance to meet girls – except you of course.”

“Who do you imagine you’re f*cking when you’ve got it in your hand?”

“I think about you,” he replied, casting his eyes down as if ashamed.

“When I have this silicone d!ck sliding in and out of my foo foo I think of you.”

He laughed, “Why do you call it a foofoo?”

“It sounds nicer than cunt.”

He nodded his head in agreement and then asked if the dildo made her cum,”

“Sometimes but not always,” she said, but I bet if you shoved it in for me I would cum.”

She handed him the long stiff silicone prick with the bulging bell-end and asked him he’d like to try and see what happened.

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