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Forgive Me – Season 3 Episode 9 [Completed]

Episode 9
Venus was sitting on a straw bed and she was wearing a beautiful blue dress that matched the blue of her eyes perfectly.
Her jet black hair had been neatly trimmed and it fell around her shoulder in ringlets. Her skin shone so brightly that it reflected the light from the sun, and she wasn’t alone. She looked so beautiful, almost as if it wasn’t her who had been sick and burnt two weeks ago.
Her transformation amazed him, she was clearly an angel.
His angel!
Pia was sitting by her side and playing with the little Leo who had somehow transformed from a thin corpse-like thing to a glowing healthy baby.
Both mother and baby glowed like a jewel and he smelled so bad that he almost felt sorry for himself.
Pia was the first to notice him.
“Leo, come inside.” She said.
Venus looked up and smiled. Oh God, he had forgotten how good her smile made him feel. He didn’t deserve her, he knew it.
He took a few steps inside and stopped. Then Venus spoke.
“Leo, come to me please.”
Oh! She could see. She hadn’t gone permanently blind from crying. It was a huge relief, and it brought tears to his eyes.
“Leo,” It was Pia that spoke again this time. “Come to your wife. I will not stop you. You two deserve all the happiness in this world together and I only ruined things by getting involved. I’m sorry, but all I only ever wanted was a baby. Now that I have one, I won’t be the viper who rids another woman of the joy of having a happy home.”
Then she turned to Venus with tears in her eyes and said. “Forgive me Venus, I never meant to ruin things for you!”
But Venus only smiled and shook her head. Pia rose up and left the shed. Then it remained a trembling Leo who just looked on at his wife, totally eluded of words.
Venus stood up and walked to where he was standing. She looked at him with so much affection in her eyes, and tears flowed freely from his eyes.
He wanted to kneel by her feet but she caught him before he did and instead of scolding him, she said.
“Do you remember what I told you on our first night together?”
Of course he did! How could he have forgotten what she said; that ‘She would always chose him’. And how was that even relevant to what was happening now?
But that didn’t surprise Leo at the very least, it was only typical of Venus to say things that didn’t suit the moment. Just like the night she first said it.
And as if she could read his thought, she tilted his head up till they were looking into each other’s eyes and she spoke in the most sincerest voice he ever heard.
“I forgive you Leo, I forgive you!”

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