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Forgive Me – Season 3 Episode 8

Episode 8
When morning came, he set out to finish what he had started, and maybe by doing so, he could right some of the wrongs he had done to her. Though he knew nothing he did could expiate how cruel he had been to her, he was going to do this one for her.
She had no home in the new island. All the best spots had been taken, but that wasn’t going to stop him.
All of the houses on the island were small, because the men hadn’t taken much time to build them. They were all completed in two days but he wasn’t going to stop till he had built for her the largest house on the island.
It took him eight days to complete the house. Eight days under sunshine and rain. He cleared for her a large space at the shore and stocked the house full with dry sticks for fire and grains from the forest.
He made her bed with the finest straw he could get and when he was done, everyone who passed by the house stopped by to admire its beauty. It was by far the largest house on that island. Twice as large than the largest house on the island.
On the eleventh day, he went back to the medicine men shed. He hadn’t taken a step in when he heard sounds of her laughter. Her voice. It was a sweet melody to his ears. His body. His soul.
The voice he had fallen for right from the first time he heard it.
The voice he loved.
How much he missed that voice.
He took the step in and he almost cried by what he saw.

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