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Forgive Me – Season 3 Episode 7

Episode 7
Venus wasn’t an idiot, she knew something was off but when she questioned him, he lied that he had brought a change of clothes along with him. He needed to wash her dirty rags, and he couldn’t leave them naked, shivering in the cold.
They had suffered enough, and it was time for him to suffer now.
He draped himself in banana leaves and proceeded to make dinner for them. He caught a rabbit and found some carrots and apples. Though there was enough for both of them, he didn’t touch any of the things.
Venus put the baby to her breast and he sucked hungrily even though all that he could get were drops of milk mixed with blood.
After the dinner, he carried both mother and baby to where they would sleep and stood guard over them all night and till morning.
When morning came, he fed her the surplus left over from last night’s roast rabbit and fruits and by the time the sun had risen fully, her dress had dried up and they were on their way to the safe island. He would have liked that they rested for a few days on the small island before they left, but the water was rising and Venus really needed medical attention.
They arrived at the safe island late at night. Leo carried her together with the baby to the medicine men’s shed. There was always one there at night in case someone needed an emergency attention during the night.
The man on duty took one look at her and he frowned.
“Is she your wife?”
Leo noddeed.
“And you let this happen to her?” He asked with a confused look.
Okay, that was enough! Leo couldn’t take it anymore. He ran out of the shed and into the bush. There he stayed, crying all night where he sat on the forest floor.
He had failed her. No matter what he said to justify it, heaven and earth knew that he had failed her.

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