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Forgive Me – Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5
Hot steam erupted instantly and he had to paddle quickly and with all he the strength he had to avoid being burnt by the steam.
Soon, he got to know that the bundle that kept squealing was his son and he was actually crying. She had named him Leo, and it was to it she had said those bitter words to. The little Leo looked nothing like a baby, and it was almost as worse as his mother.
He had been born prematurely and was stick thin. Almost as thin as a dead and decaying baby. He looked from mother to child, their survival was still a miracle to him. If he hadn’t been there when he got there, if he had decided to take more than one day of rest on the small island, if he had decided not to leave the safe island till the next day, he would have been too late.
Then it dawned on him, that Venus and him were meant to be.
But he had been selfish, he had chosen Pia.
He had put himself before her.
He had taken her love for granted, because he knew she would always forgive him.
He didn’t deserve her forgiveness, he didn’t deserve his son’s forgiveness, and he knew it. He wasn’t going to ask her to forgive him, cause he knew she would, and he didn’t deserve it.
They reached the small island by the night of that day. The shore had been submerged, but the island was still intact. He rowed their raft up to a tree and helped them in getting up before he did.
The sheds they had built were still there, so he didn’t need to build a new one. He took the baby from her but couldn’t look at it like a real father would.
“Leo, where are we?” She asked
Tears filled his eyes. She still couldn’t see. Was she really blind?

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