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Forgive Me – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4
Just then, a squeal came from the bundle of rag she was holding. She twisted the bundle around and lifted it up. Then she spoke to it, the words that changed his life.
“It’s okay Leo, he forgot us. But I won’t forget you, we’ll die here together. I won’t abandon you, and I will take the pain for you. I’m already burnt so much, I’m only still alive to take your pain. I will shield you from the fire, I will…” She cried as she spoke and they were too much for him to bear.
He spoke at once, not allowing her to finish what she was going to say. “Venus, I’m here, it’s me. It’s Leo!”
“Leo?” She said, and rose to her knees sharply. “Leo? Where are you?” She tried reaching for him
“I’m here Venus!” He said and crawled forward till he was only a few inches from her.
She smelled terribly and her body was smeared all around with dry blood.
“Leo!” She exclaimed and hugged him tightly. “I knew you won’t abandon us!” She said.
“I’m sorry Venus…” He tried to say but was cut short by the sudden blast of hot air, and an antelope raced across bleating hysterically.
Leo looked up and he saw the worst of his fears, the volcano had finally let out its real horror, the molten magma and it was only a few feet away from them, racing like it was actually hurrying to claim every life that remained on that island.
He grabbed Venus and lifted her unto his arms. The bundle she was carrying squealed again but he didn’t have the time to process why a bundle could be squealing. He made for their raft and had just started to paddle away when the lava hit the shore.

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