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Forgive Me – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3
She was wearing rags all through, and she smelled so badly like she was decaying. He took another step forward and her head shot up.
“What’s that?” She said. She looked past him like she couldn’t see him and started to wave the little stick all around.
“Please don’t hurt us, he promised he’ll come for us.” She said and burst into tears, still waving the little stick around; and that was when it dawned on him that she couldn’t see.
He fell to his knees and burst into sobs. What had he done? He had left her all alone, sick injured and pregnant. He had made her carry their luggage, walking in the scalding heat of the ground the day of the incident. He had ignored her cries and held on to Pia when God knew that she had needed him the most.
What kind of creature abandons a sick wounded and pregnant woman all by herself on a flaming island with no food or water and no one to talk to, but wild animals that would only feast on her. She had been pregnant all along, and he hadn’t known.
He would have known of he had ever made the gesture to check on her during her illness or spoken to her after the incident, but he hadn’t. Venus, the girl who had stood by him through thick and thin, this was how he repaid her.
With rejection.
With pain.
With blindness.
“Leo, is that you?” She asked looking in his direction but not seeing him.
“Leooo, is that youuuu….he promised to come for us….” She said, weeping uncontrollably, but he could not answer. He could not bring himself to say anything. Words had totally eluded him.

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