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Forgive Me – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 9]


Forgive Me

Forgive Me

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Story Title: Forgive Me

Episodes: 9

Category: Love and Romance

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Summary: An epic story of love and betrayal.
When the volcano erupted in their village, they were rendered totally homeless in one day.
They had to leave the village in search of a new island for inhabitation, then the though decision of choosing between the heavily pregnant new wife his clansmen had forced him to take and the sick and badly injured love of his life who couldn’t bear him a child after ten years of marriage, fell on him.
Who would he choose?
And what would happen to the other woman?

Episode 1
“I was shocked when I found out how sick and burnt she was. In spite of her condition, you still left her. I didn’t understand why anyone could have been cruel enough to leave someone in that condition behind even after I specifically highlighted that all the sick and wounded be taken away at once.”
Tears gathered in Leo’s eyes. “Then why didn’t you bring her?”
“My wife and two daughters were injured and had been brought here by my brothers at the first migration. I had to be here but I didn’t know the way and new island must have already been submerged totally by the sea.
If she went into labour on sea, we would both die. If we didn’t get lost, she could go into labour and either way, she’d die eventually. She knew the risks and she decided that waiting was all worth it. I just couldn’t leave her all by herself, so I left her with a raft”
“But you made it, how?”
“I was lost in sea for almost two weeks before I found the new island. The water had receded and I stayed there for three days, drying my raft and making enough food to last me for as long as it would take me to find this place. I found this place after three days and I swear if she had come with me, she would have………”
“Don’t you dare say it! When did you leave?”
“The day after you all must have left for this place. But why did you leave her behind in the first place?”
Leo became silent. “I have to go back!” He finally said.
He turned around to leave then the man shouted “It’s too late now!”
Leo turned around again. “What do you mean it’s too late?”
“The village must have been burnt to the ground now and even if it hasn’t, how would she survive another animal attack. It’s over mate, you failed her!”

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