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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode 8

“You! “Leo gawked. ” How are you here? ”

“Whoa, whoa slow down….!”

“Just tell me. How are you here? We left you behind at the village! What happened to the others? What happened to…..” He growled, grabbing a handful of the man’s shirt.

“Calm down…”

“Tell me what happened to the others!” Leo yelled jerking the man roughly with his shirt.

“They left!”

“Left? For where?”

“We found another island.” The man said, beaming with joy.

“Everyone left?”

“Everyone.” The man replied.

Leo’s spirit sank and his face fell. For more than two months, he had wept every time he imagined Venus was dead, but now that he knew she wasn’t dead, that didn’t pacify him either at all.

He had promised her he would return and he had failed. She had moved on without him and now that she had, she probably would never forgive him for all that he had done to her.

He let go of the man’s shirt and tears dropped from his eyes. He had just taken his first step away when the man spoke again.

“Did you leave someone behind?”

“Yes.” Leo said.

“A pregnant woman?” The man asked.

Leo’s head shot up. “A woman, yes! Pregnant, no!”

“Well, I was the last to leave the island as I had promised but there was this pregnant lady who wouldn’t come with me.” He said.

“Did she say why?” Leo asked.

“Yes, yes. She mentioned something about her husband coming back for her. I tried to explain to her that the village would be burnt down in only a number of days and there was no way any man could……”

“You left her to die!” Leo screamed and threw the man a punch on his nose.

“What! No! I didn’t leave her to die, you did!” The man yelled back wiping blood from his nose.

He did! That was true, he did!


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