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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7

She was delivered of a real healthy baby girl.

Pia couldn’t stop crying. Her ex-husband was one of the men who had died during the animal attack and she wished he was there to see her and the baby.

She had loved him so much too and had left his house in shame when he hadn’t been able to father a child that she wanted so badly. She wasn’t proud of leaving him and she was hurt more now that he was dead.

“He loved me so much, I should have never left him. If it was I who had the problem, he wouldn’t have left me but I was so selfish. And now, he’s gone! I didn’t get to tell him how sorry I am.” She said to Leo, sobbing uncontrollably.

That was probably the worst thing to say to your new husband about your former at a moment like that, but Leo knew better. He understood more than she did.

Venus would have never left him, she would have chosen him.

Inside of him, he cried like the baby. He should have never left her.

The following week, the baby was named. It should have been a day of great joy and happiness for him, but he was perfect opposite of all that. All of his clansmen who had forced him to take Pia were now dead.

He got the baby he wanted but lost the happiness he never lacked in his life for the last ten years.

How could he have done that to her.

A tear dropped from his eye and he rose up abruptly. He left the shed where the celebration was taking place for a little time alone. He walked down the length of the shore with his head hung down and he bumped into someone.

A man.

He apologized and was just leaving when he realized that he knew the man.

It was the leader. The one from their village.

What! How was he there. They had left them behind in the village, so how then was he there!

‘I’m not leaving till the last person does’, those were his words.

So where was Venus.

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