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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6

They set out for the last island as early as dawn. The water had almost reached their waists by then, and they were lucky there weren’t many children with them. The second set had consisted mainly of children but most of the children were back at the village which they now didn’t know what had become of it.

Was it deserted or was it burnt to the ground?

It was with a heavy heart that Leo rowed his raft and followed the others who were already meters away from him.

“Can’t we go faster?” Pia spitted.

He looked at her with disgust. “What do you think would happen to you if this raft should turn over?”

Fear flashed in her eyes. Was he really threatening her? She knew his adamance to leave the drowned island was because of Venus, but she didn’t care that much about her, or even him. All she cared about was a child and that was all that mattered to her.

She did not say a single word again till they reached the new island late in the evening. It was large, larger than their previous village and even though it was that large, there was still a scramble by the men for the best places to build their homes.

No one tried to build anything that day, but every man claimed his own land and slept there with his family.

It was a new beginning for them all, of course and they soon set to get things on and going, so by their sixth week on the island, they could finally start to see the semblance of a village in their new home.

The following week, Pia went into labour.

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