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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5

The people didn’t need to hear more, they had finally found a safe island. They cried and laughed and rejoiced at the same time and this time, it was sincere. Finally, they had the promise of a home again.

Everyone was happy, all but one. Leo.

The water had already risen to their knees and they would have to sleep on tree branches like the previous night. They were not going to leave the island till the third day because they had to wait for the rest of the people from their village and by the time they arrived, it would have been too late in the day to try to move to their final destination.

God knows that wasn’t what scared him, it was the fact that the if inhabitants of the village didn’t make it the next day, they would never find them again.

And if they never found them again, then he would never set his eyes on Venus ever again.

The morning was cold, unlike the warm crispy morning they had after their first night there. They only had fruits for breakfast and packed their luggage both away from the rising water and in anticipation of the arrival of their people from the village.

Leo replayed scenes from the night of the volcanic incident in his head and when he got to the part where he first saw the molten magma, he shuddered in fear. Even if Venus was going to die, was that the kind of death he had left her to?

The inhabitants of the island waited all day for the villagers, and when night came, it dawned on them that they were not going to see them again.

They had either died or found a new island. A new island? That was most likely impossible.

A tear dropped from Leo’s eye for the first time in years. The instruction from the leader had been clear, ‘a man and an injured’. ‘A man and a wife’. ‘A man and an injured or sick wife’.

And Venus had been both, but he had been so selfish, that he had chosen Pia.

Because of the baby.


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