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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4

He felt very bad as soon as he was done, and that marked the beginning of his unexplainable anger towards her; but things didn’t get any better with time, they only got worse.

Later that week, Pia announced that she was pregnant and barely eight weeks later, Venus’s sickness began.

He missed her badly, but he had made his choice.

There was nothing more for the inhabitants of the new island to do, so they all sat down on tree branches waiting for the rangers and the messenger to return. When it was a little early in the evening, the messenger returned from the village and he came bearing news.

He broke to them that the people of the village had sent out another set of rangers to scout the opposite part of the sea earlier that day, but they hadn’t returned.

They were supposed to make another journey to the new island the next day and if they weren’t seen, it could only mean one of the two things; either they had been killed by the volcano which kept erupting hot materials or they had found a new island.

It was a matter of life and death now.

Pain tugged at Leo’s heart.

He felt he did the right thing by choosing Pia, but what was going to happen to Venus?

Night came, and the rangers still hadn’t returned. Though they had been instructed not to return unless they they had news, but the inhabitants feared that their late return could only mean one thing, they had nothing to return.

They made bonfires and placed brightly burning wooden torches on the top of trees around the shore to guide the rangers back.

It must have been around past eleven pm in the night, but the rangers still hadn’t returned and the rest of the men on the island were already talking about sending a rescue team out when someone cried out in joy that they had been sighted.

The rangers were allowed to have dinner before the thousand dollar question was asked and they replied with a smile.

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