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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3

The messanger and the rangers took off at dawn. The next group of people who had arrived the previous day included the rest of the families of the first group of people, but Venus was absent of course.

Leo sat on a tree stump at the edge of the forest where the rising water had risen to, listening to the sound of nature and allowing himself to get lost down memory lane.

He recollected his first night with Venus. She had cried so hard that night that at first, he had thought he was hurting her; but when he stopped to question her about why she was crying so much, her answer had been unexpectedly simple and totally irrelevant as ‘I will always chose you!’

That had brought a smile to his face and whenever he was in her, he remembered those words and they made him feel like nothing could ever go wrong in his world again.

He flashed to his first night with Pia and the earlier excitement he felt drained down his body like water in the soil. When he said his clansmen had forced him take a new wife, it was a very big understatement.

Pia had been married to someone before him for six years and she had left willingly when it became obvious that it was the man who couldn’t father a child.

His first night with her had been devoid of the slightest of emotions and they had gone at it like animals. No feelings, just sex and when they were done, he was mad with anger at Venus for not having a child.

Once in a while, when Pia was asleep, he’d sneak into Venus’s room to try to do it with her, but she had always refused.

And one day, he had gotten so angry that he totally forgot about everything called self control and he forced himself on her.

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