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Forgive Me – Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2

The next morning, the inhabitants of the new island woke up late. After spending two nights of horror on the previous island, they could possibly sleep for two nights and two days continuously without waking on this new island; such was the goodness of its air.

They had a breakfast of roast fish and rabbit and afterwards, they set out for the day’s work. Six men were appointed with 3 rafts to find a safe island. The medicine men scattered around the bush, gathering herbs and tending to the sick and the rest of the men on the island went about cutting trees to build sheds in preparation for the arrival of the next set.

The few healthy women among them set traps for little animals and went about picking vegetables and fruits. At noon, they had a lunch of roast yam, spinach and carrots and they all set back to complete their respective tasks.

By evening, the rangers returned and a few minutes after they did, the second batch of people arrived from the old island. They had no shore to sit and nap in, because the water had already started to rise and it had buried the shore completely.

The inhabitants of the new island showed them their shed and treated them to a hearty dinner of a whole goat and sea food soup. Everybody ate and rejoiced and the rangers did no break whatever news they had till they were sure everyone was relaxed.

They had found no island during their search.

The happiness on the people’s faces drained instantly. Fear hovered at the back of their minds at the thought of drowning to death in an island that was already starting to get submerged by the rising water, but the feel of the island’s good air in their lungs soon calmed them down again.

They knew they had to do something and whatever it was, they had to do it fast. This was probably the last night they would be able to spend on the floor of the island, the ground would have been submerged by then.

They decided that someone should be sent back to the village in the morning to report the situation to them, and the rangers should be out as early as dawn and not return till they at least had some news.

If only one person was going to be allowed to leave the island and come back, perhaps this was an opportunity for Leo to go back for Venus.

And would he?

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