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Forgive Me – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 8]

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Forgive Me

Episodes: 8

Category: Love and Romance

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Summary: An epic story of love and betrayal.

When the volcano erupted in their village, they were rendered totally homeless in one day.

They had to leave the village in search of a new island for inhabitation, then the though decision of choosing between the heavily pregnant new wife his clansmen had forced him to take and the sick and badly injured love of his life who couldn’t bear him a child after ten years of marriage, fell on him.

Who would he choose?

And what would happen to the other woman?


Episode 1

They reached the island before noon. It was a small quiet island full of trees and tall plants and of course, it was rich with animals. They pulled up by the shore and dragged their rafts on to the sand before settling down to take a nap.

The island was thick to the shore, and there wasn’t that much space or sand at the shore. Indeed, it would be buried when the tide rises, safe for the tree tops and a few other tall plants; anything else that that lived below would be completely displaced from its home.

After their little nap, they walked a few inches deep from the shore into the island before deciding where they would camp for the day. They dropped all of their things there and while the men set to the task of cutting down tree branches to build a shed over their heads, the women cleared the forest floor in preparation for inhabitation.

The medicine men scattered out, but not too far to gather herbs and spices and when they all were done, it was already evening. They sat down to a dinner of roast fish and bacon from a piglet they had caught during the day.

The evening air was really refreshing, a lot different from the toxic and hot air they had on their home island. The freshness and crispness of the island air brought out the jovial spirit in them and before long, they were cracking jokes and singing round a bonfire.

The men told stories of their youthful days, and the women gossiped amongst each other. A newly married young man and his younger wife took off for a little private moment, some distance away from the rest of the group and while the older men laughed at their display of tenderness, Leo remembered Venus.

The look on her face when he left her, and the pain it brought back to him. Once, he had loved her with all his heart, but what had happened to him? He hadn’t thought she would survive till they found a safer island, so had left her behind on purpose.

He had Pia.

Two heads were better than one.


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