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Forced Marriage – Season 3 Episode 6 ]Completed]

Episode 6



She felt the sparks and her heart beating widely with excitement but a picture of Ricky flashed through her mind making her pull away from the kiss

She tried catching her breath but it had been stuck in the midsts of air as he rested his fore head on hers while her eyes were closed slightly


“Richard ” she whispered his hands on her waist pulling her more closer into him

“You need to go we both have work tomorrow” she whispered


“Why can’t I stay your my wife??” he asked and she pulled away

“Can you lay the marriage cards down Richard

You know this is was not our intension

If you really love me let me feel it

Prove it to me” she replied and he looked at her

“Just like a Ricky” he whispered


And she pulled away from him walking to the other end of the room

He wished he never asked. He didn’t want her far away from him

“I know this sounds stupid but the two of you confuse me I don’t know how to feel or what to feel any more” she replied in a small voice and he shook his head


“It’s not stupid.. I will do it like a normal guy and have you in a normal way

Though I find the idea of competing with my brother for you disturbing” he replied and she turned around looking at him

“Am sorry ” she replied and he smiled


“Let me hold you ” he whispered playfully

“Get out of my room Richard” she replied

“No.. Let me hold you first” he replied watching her as she smiled.

He took steps towards her but she crossed to the other side of the bed to the door pulling it open and running out through the hallway

Her laugh echoing through the walls


“No.. Anna come back here” He called up chasing after her

“Never” she replied. Running to sitting room then looking around for where to go before running through the door to the outside only to stop dead in the rain


She was shocked. Her hair and clothes getting wet. He slipped his hands around her waist making her remember she was running away from him.

“Got you” he whispered and she smiled pulling her more onto him

Her back landing on his chest as they stood there. Letting the rain wash away all the worries as they watched it’s beauty

With every drop hurrying to hit the floor.

He loved holding her like this.

Smelling her perfume. Enjoying her perfect body in his hold

He wanted time to stop and give them a chance to make this memorable.


Ricky and Tracy watched from the balcony.. They wanted to check on the people they loved if they were ok but the way Anna and Richard were it was something that hurtful to see them in so much love

It hurts to see the person you love happy with someone else whose not you!!!!


Whose your favorite characters in this story and why

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