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Forced Marriage – Season 3 Episode 5

episode 5


Some how some where his words hit her with a feeling she couldn’t explain


“Richard ” she whispered but he shook his head stopping her.. He wanted to tell her all of what he felt though he knew words were too small for it

He wanted to try


“I wanted to hold your hand that day in the car but when you pulled it away.. I felt hurt

I felt happy that day in the kitchen when you didn’t push me away.

I thought I was over you Anna having loved you since that night at the club but I was wrong Anna

I became a player and messed up a lot until I saw your photo the day dad told me I was getting married

I was happy on the other hand I was angry

Ever since that day you have made me feel helpless

Am going mad

Your all I think about in everything I do

Everything I touch or see

You stole my heart Anna

You made me crazy about you

That smile

Those eyes

I hate the way your pushing me away

Give me a chance Anna

Let me prove my love to you ” he said and she looked at him


She couldn’t believe he loved her

She didn’t know why but she felt some how happy at his confessions.


He walked up to her.. standing just in front of her as she looked up at him

Her heart beat rising and her knees felt weak at his presence

He was her husband

Her man

She didn’t know how but she found herself hugging him

Pulling him close to her

Placing her head on her chest

Asking for time to stop

So she could listen to his heart beat for ever

Only the two of them existed in the world that minute


He hugged her back

This is where he wanted to stay

In her arms

In her warmth

With the woman he loved

He pulled away from the hug

She looked up at him as he looked at her before lowering his face next to hers and placed a kiss on her lips


A simple beautiful kiss that

She responded to.. SHE RESPONDED TO

His mind screamed with excitement

As he deepened the kiss

Her lips tasted the same just like a few years ago

A taste he will never grow tired of

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