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Forced Marriage – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4



Anna felt hurt were she stood. Him walking away from talking about what he felt hurt

Some how she wanted to know

Maybe her heart was stupidly falling for him

But she wasn’t sure

Hearts are just one hard puzzle to understand.


She walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water

She needed to relax her thoughts especially when things were getting this completed

Lost in thoughts before Richard walked in


“I heard all you said to Ricky” he said making her spit out all the water she had in her mouth before looking at him wide eyed

He had no expression on his face

“Anna are you in love with my brother” he asked and still she didn’t reply


She felt the room getting more small.. She stood up straight and placed the glass on the counter before making her out through the hallway

“Anna For God’s sake your not ignoring me this time” he said following her as she walked in to her room trying to close her door but he pushed it open

And being stronger than her he managed to get in closing the door behind him


“Get out ” she said standing at the other end of the bed

“Anna..” he said softly

“Get out of here” she roared again

“No am not leaving until we talk this through” he replied and she sighed

“I know I messed up so badly with that kiss and hurt you

But I can’t watch you avoid me it hurts here” he said placing his palm over his heart


“Look Anna your hurting me. Ricky maybe the one you love not me.. But am selfish

I want you Anna

I want you to smile at me just the way you smile at him

I want to be one you laugh with

I want to be the one to hold you when you cry

The one you run to

The one that holds you every night

Am crazy about you Anna.. Like am going crazy baby

I hate it that am the one that made you cry that day

It hurts Anna that even after the years that have passed you haven’t forgiven me” he said letting out his heart to her

But he knew words couldn’t explain all of it just the way he wanted to


Anna looked at him. She was shocked


She didn’t even expect any of these words from Richard

She didn’t know that her actions were hurting someone this much


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