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Forced Marriage – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 2



Anna sat on couch as she laid her head on Ricky’s Shoulder while they watched a show on the TV

He kept glancing at his brother’s wife who didn’t seem to notice

He wished she knew what her touch meant to him


She had been spending more time with him trying to avoid Richard

He wasn’t complaining and he loved the fact that he always made her smile and laugh but the more closer she got to him the more feelings he got for her


He knew it was wrong she was his brother’s wife but he couldn’t help falling for her

Sometimes we don’t chose who we love or when to love

Love is like a storm that has no traffic lights to warn you that it’s coming


He knew she was off limits and forbidden but at least she gave him more time maybe that’s all he would have from her


His thoughts were interrupted when the door opened and Richard walked in carrying suit cases which grabbed there attention.


They looked at him as he walked in with a nice looking female behind him.

Anna and Ricky looked at him trying to understand what was going on as Richard placed the suit cases on the floor.


He looked at Anna who was staring up at him

He hadn’t seen her in a few days and she looked more beautiful and happy

She was his cover girl

His woman

By words

Though he wanted her to be more than words


“Bro.. ” Ricky called grabbing his attention as his eyes moved to Tracy

Scanning every part of her

She wasn’t bad and he smiled

He wanted to know the charms his brother uses to get such women


“This is Tracy ” He said holding his hand out for her and she took it while Anna watched in dismay


” Tracy this is my Brother Ricky and that’s my wife Anna ” he introduced which got Tracy frozen and she pulled her hand out of his then looked at Anna

‘ He is married ‘

‘ He has a wife ‘

She screamed mentally and she knew all her hopes of making him love her had disappeared through thick air


While he hoped Anna would listen to him while he tried to explain to her more about Tracy’s stay

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