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Forced Marriage – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 6]

Forced marriage

Forced marriage

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Story Title: Forced Marriage (+19)

Episodes: 6


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episode 1


It had been a week ever since that night.. The night that Richard got a chance to spend some time with Anna and they didn’t fight all


He wanted it to be like that everyday but she always came home late and left very early

He knew that she was doing all this to avoid him and it hurt him

though he had no right to complain


Even the few days she spent at home.. She spent them with Ricky. He was gladly happy that she smiled and laughed happily at least that’s how he wanted to see her


But still it hurt.. He wanted to be the one to make her smile

To be the one to make her laugh and he wished she smiled at him the same way she did with Ricky


Some times the people we love never know how it hurts to be ignored


On the other hand Tracy was taking up most of his attention with her pregnancy but now she kept pressurizing him to take her out of her parents house


He had thought about buying her a house but he knew Anna would never smile at that


Since he had made things clear to Tracy that there’s nothing between them except the child he had promised to bring her home..


He wanted to tell Anna but she kept avoiding him and the days he had promised were coming to an end.


He didn’t have a choice but to pick up Tracy after work.. He had tried to call Anna numerous times but as usual she never received any of his calls..


He sighed and decided to call her one more time but again she didn’t pick up

He drove through the streets to Tracy’s place to pick her up


She had everything ready and they didn’t waste any time to get home through the dark nights

He drove through the gates and parked in the compound.


She looked at the house one more time as he grabbed her cases

She was hurt by his silence and he seemed bothered

She wanted to talk to him and tell him all will be fine

She wanted to hug his pain away but knew she even had no right to touch him


He had made it clear to her that there was nothing between them except the unborn baby

She had his care but maybe she wanted more

His love


Something she had been craving from him for days or to say years but she never received any of that

Sometimes she would cry to her pillow but now she had given up on hoping though kept loving


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