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Forced Marriage – Season 2 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5



He stepped out of the way to let her in and they went into the house..

She pulled her shoes off and put them on the floor next to the door carrying her bag on the single seater leather couch then walked in to the kitchen as Richard followed behind like a lost puppy

“What is for dinner tonight” she asked and he shrugged


“I don’t know ” he replied and she checked the cupboards and decided on cooking Rice and baking cookies for tomorrow morning


“I can help” he said making her look at him with dismay

“Really you can cook ?” she asked and he smiled

“Teach me or tell me what to do, I wanna help” he replied and she shrugged and handed him a tray of Carrots and tomatoes to cut


She enjoyed his company as they talked about old school days She kept glancing at him

He was delaying the carrots and tomatoes since he cut everything with perfection and he was slow but she didn’t want to disappoint him


Ricky walked in to the kitchen and almost fainted.. All the life he had seen his brother ..Richard was a person that never even stared at the entrance of a kitchen and here he was cutting vegetables

They say love makes you do the stupidest things and now he was seeing that happen to his brother.


They hadn’t noticed him since they were too engrossed in there conversation and laughing..

They looked beautiful together


He walked away leaving the two alone

“Anna I want to tell you something” he said as he handed her the tray of vegetables

“Yes tell me” she said adding cooking oil to the pan

He felt a bit nervous as he searched for a way to reveal the truth out to her

“One of the girls I have been seeing is pregnant” he said and she stopped whatever she was doing with shock and surprise but then continued before turning to look at him


“Are you sure it’s yours” she asked and he smiled faintly this is not what he expected her actions to be

He thought maybe he would be getting a slap but he smiled faintly

“I trust her and that means a yes” he replied and she nodded

“Have you told mom and dad” she asked and he shook his head in a ‘ No ‘ gesture..

She sighed and turned back to check on what she was cooking

“Look Richard am not getting in your way.. Take care of your Child and do anything your supposed to do for him.. I will never stop you and you know that” she replied and he smiled faintly


Her words were encouraging some thing like he never expected but maybe Anna was Anna every time she had something new to surprise him out of what he thought she would be like

She poured flour in the bowl and he stood up to help her as he had wanted to from the beginning


They changed the topic after she asked a few questions.. They talked and laughed at least for today she wasn’t pushing him away though he knew she wouldn’t forgive him that yet..

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