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Forced Marriage – Season 2 Episode 4

episode 4


Anna had decided not to call Richard to pick her up.. She asked Paul her father’s driver to deliver her car of which he did eighteen minutes late.

Anna was a person who always worked on time but since there was no panic in it she decided to let it go and grabbed her car

She gave Paul transport and a treat then she drove home through the dark nights with more traffic that got her stuck.


Richard was starting to get worried especially about the fact that Anna had not called him yet to pick her up and it was getting late already

He had car sounds at the gate and walked through the door to see who it was as Johnny opened the door for Anna’s Nissan and greeted her with a nice smile which made Anna smiled back at the sweet gate man as she drove through


When Richard saw her car he had known that moment that he had lost any chance of spending even if it’s two minutes drive with her

He sighed as she got out of the car and walked to where he stood and she smiled

“Hey” she said and he smiled back “Hey you” he whispered back and they smiled at each other

Anna was a person that would forget every thing you did and forgive and no matter how much she hated you she would smile at you

They say little things are the ones that love takes to happen to us and Richard felt his heart melt at just a simple hey and a smile from her..


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