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Forced Marriage – Season 2 Episode 2

episode 2


The car came to a halt and Richard was opening the door to go open for her but she had already got out her self as fast as possible and walked in to her office building away from him without even saying a good bye or a last word


He felt hurt by her actions but decided to let it go… He smiled faintly and decided to go home to his brother

‘ Richard live your life and I will leave mine the only thing we share is a house and that’s all ‘ her words played in his mind like a song

He felt hurt by each word and knew Anna will never forgive him

Maybe he should give her her freedom from this marriage cause not once will she ever think of him as a husband to her.


He drove silently but the ringing of his phone interrupted his thoughts

He looked at the caller ID but knew exactly that he wasn’t in the moods to talk to Tracy

She kept calling but he ignored all her calls

She decided to send text messages but neither did he read any of them

He drove through the gates of his house and parked in the compound getting out of the car he checked his phone and decided to read through the messages from Tracy


‘ Richard baby we need to talk urgently ‘

‘ Richard Am pregnant ‘

‘ Answer the phone baby ‘

‘ Please call me as soon as possible ‘

He couldn’t believe his eyes.. He already had more on his mind but this wasn’t part of it

He was now shocked and surprised..


He dialled Tracy’s number Straight away to confirm the shocking news and she picked up after the faster ring


“Tell me how this happened” he asked with more anger at her… This couldn’t be happening when he was trying to make things between him and Anna work


“Am sorry Richard it’s just that I also found out ” she replied from the other end..

“Are you sure it’s mine?” The question came out before he could stop it

“Get serious here Richard… You know me better to be playing games..

Why would I be telling you if your not the father

Just because you go under every skirt you see just know am not like that only was with you in such a manner” she replied angrily before hanging up on him


He sighed heavily… It’s like all his bad deeds were paying him severely.. He knew Tracy as one of the most trustworthy ladies who loved him dearly to lie.

He felt the world heavy on his shoulders as he walked out of the car to the inside of the house..


Ricky still lay on the leather couch but this time he was sound a sleep with soft snores..

Richard just passed by to his room and fell on bed..

He closed his eyes and thought of Anna

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