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Forced Marriage – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 5]

Forced marriage

Forced marriage

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Forced Marriage (+19)

Episodes: 5


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episode 1


Anna stirred in bed as her eyes opened slowly.. She looked around and sat up abruptly.

She was in a room and in fact she never remembered how she got into this room. All she could remember was her falling a sleep on the couch.


Did Richard touch her

That bastard he would have woke her up

She was apparently looking around when she had voices that came from outside the room.

Curiosity got the best of her making her get off bed to follow the voices..

She walked out of the room through the hallway to the sitting room where two men sat laughing and chatting to notice her standing there

One of the men looked at her

To her she had never seen him but he looked just like Richard.. And her heart started beating wildly in her chest

Richard also turned around to look at her and he smiled.

“Anna come meet my bro” he said and she took tiny steps now knowing the other man was Richard’s brother that’s why they looked a like

“Hey am Ricky” he said with breathtaking smile that got her smiling warmly

Apparently she got nervous and a little bit shy

“Anna” she replied and he nodded looking back at Richard who was watching the two of them

Richard wasn’t a child or fool to notice the way his brother was looking at Anna.. He knew the wedding was fake and she was free to be with whoever she liked but he wasn’t a fun of the way she felt shy around his brother

He felt a ping of jealous but smiled it off maybe he was just thinking a lot.

“Ricky will be staying here for a while” he added and she nodded with a smile.

“I need to get to work soon” she replied looking at her wrist watch before running back to the room

She pulled out an attire and placed it on bed and then ran into shower.

She took a bath and got her self ready.


Within minutes she had her self ready.

She wore her red heeled shoes and grabbed her red designer bag

She knew now that she was ready as she took one look at herself in the mirror then walked out of the room.

Her stilettos making sounds with each time they touched the tiled floors.

She found Ricky and Richard still sitting in the same place lost in there conversations.

“Richard!!” She said placing a hand on her hips and waiting patiently as he looked up at her

He couldn’t stop himself from showing the shock on his face. This lady had a way to amuse him with her beautiful body. He looked up at her and smirked

She frowned at him as Ricky watched the two

They both looked like children fighting for bread

“Baby I have only fifteen minutes left and if for God’s grace am late consider your self dead” she added and Richard lost his smile

“Fine I will drive you.. I will be back soon Ricky” he said and grabbed his car keys off the table then they walked out with Anna

Ricky looked at Anna and smiled. He couldn’t believe his brother had won himself such a beautiful Lady and was treating her like she’s a no body


If only he knew how many men will fight to get such a woman maybe even him

Anna got in to the car and Richard ignited the engine.. They drove through the gates in silence and he looked at her

She checked her wrist watch and he assumed she was on time

“You called me baby” he said with a smile.. He couldn’t help teasing her

She looked at him and smiled too..

“Don’t worry I meant a stupid old man who still thinks his a baby and needs a diaper” she replied and he looked at her in shock

“Wow.. And what are you? A big house cat!” he replied and she laughed


“Really I think look adorable with that than you” she replied and he frowned.

He then held out his hand placing it on hers making her looking up at him as he focused on the road.

Richard was a handsome guy apart from his rudeness and that’s why he had a way with ladies

“Can we stop fighting for once” he said and she pulled her hand away from his making him look down at where his hands were interlocked with hers then back at her.


“Do you think I will just wake up one day and forgive you for breaking me up with Andrew or killing my freedom by this marriage..

Sorry Richard but leave your life and I will leave mine the only thing that we share is a house and that’s all” She replied and for the first time he felt hurt


As he focused back on the road.. He couldn’t say anything

He had lost all the words while she looked out of the window silently

He would prefer her calling him names of all kinds than staying silently and looking away from him

He couldn’t understand why he was acting like this

Was he falling in love??


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