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Forced Marriage – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5



“I can give you a ride” he replied and she nodded. On a serious note she had lost all her moods to stay and just wanted to leave

He led out of the place to the parking lot where his car was

She slipped on her flats almost falling but he caught her in his arms and looked at her

Her eyes were closed but she opened them and looked at him


“Are you ok” he asked and she nodded again.. He looked at her.. She looked cute and beautiful and he felt the urge to kiss her

He knew she may not like the idea but it wasn’t bad to try.

He lowered his head close to hers placing his lips on hers

She was so shocked to respond. Her eyes were opened slightly


“Richard ” the voice called up making Richard pull away and they both looked in the direction from which the voice came from.


She felt frozen from the sight of Andrew who stood there with anger visible on his face. She pushed Richard hard away from her and stumbled back looking at her before a punch landed on his jaw making him fall back on the parking floor


“Andrew Stop!” She screamed and Andrew looked at her before looking back at Richard

“What’s wrong with you man?” Richard asked Andrew

Who shook his head at this bastard

“Don’t act like you weren’t doing anything wrong kissing my girlfriend ” he roared and Richard sat up

“Dude if I knew I wouldn’t ” he replied and Andrew kicked him hard on his side next to the ribs


He fell back with a scream.. He would have fought back but now he felt he was at fault.

“Andrew stop!” She screamed again and he looked at her

“And you.. You now playing friends” he said to her and she shook her head with tears falling from her eyes


“Andrew please” she said as he walked away.. He wanted to hold her and stop her tears but now he was more hurt especially after seeing them kiss

He always told Richard about his girlfriend and now he was kissing her and she let him and maybe they have been doing more behind his back

” good bye Anna ” he said and walked away


“No…” She cried falling to her knees. It hurt so much and Richard looked at her

He didn’t know it was the mysterious Anna.

Flashback over


He looked at her sleeping form and now knew that Andrew had the most beautiful woman or may be still has

He remembered her asking about him earlier which means may be she still loved him like she used to

It hurt him that he ruined his best friend and lost a friend but now he wanted to tell her to move on


Andrew is married but now he couldn’t start that conversation especially that it was a reason why she hated him so much

He wondered why he was thinking about all this

He walked over to her and carried her off the couch as she snuggled closer to him

He took her to the guest room and placed her on bed putting the covers properly over her body


She snored a bit and he smiled going over to the sitting room..

He grabbed the cases and pulled them to the guest room maybe it was time to call it a night


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