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Forced Marriage – Season 1 Episode 4

episode 4


Richard walked out of the kitchen and looked at Anna who was fast a sleep on the other hand

She looked peacefully beautiful and intimidating to his eyes…

She looked just like she was A few years ago



13 years ago


“Richard man what’s going on with you” Edwin said grabbing his attention from staring at the girl that was dancing on the dance floor

She was wearing a tight red dress that curved her body beautifully.. He was mesmerized by the young girl who had become every man’s attention in this club

“What is it Edwin?” He snarled his eyes not moving away from the mesmerizing beauty.

He wished the light’s weren’t going on different colors so he could see her face..

He decided to approach her as she swayed her hips to the music


As he moved towards her another man slipped his hands around her waist he stood still knowing maybe he had lost the chance.

She turned around and saw the mysterious man and started pushing him away but the man seemed not to let her go


He knew this was his chance and to help her he walked towards her

“Are you ok baby?” He asked in a gesture pulling her away from the other mans hands who glared at him

She knew the stranger was helping her and with that she had to go on with the pretence


“Ya where had you gone ” She replied making the other man shrug and turned leaving the couple alone

She turned around in Richard’s arms and he smiled at the intense beauty in front of him

He knew her from a far

A girl that was admired by most senior boys at school and he had her in his arms

He admired her from a far and she was in his arms.. “Hey thanks but now you can let me I want to go home” she whispered and he smiled sadly now she was slipping out of his arms

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