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Forced Marriage – Season 1 Episode 3

episode 3


Richard walked in to his kitchen.. Ready to cook himself something to eat but he stopped himself.


“She will cook and that’s what she’s here for” He said and walked out only to see her pull the last of her bags into the house

He stared at her.. Her back was to him and where he stood he could make out her beautiful figure


She was beautifully curved in every corner that needed and her light skin bought out perfectly her beauty

She turned around only to catch him staring at her butt.. She crossed her arms around her chest questioningly


Richard felt embarrassed to have been caught and started whistling while walking away

“Bastard ” she said as she walked around his house.. She need a glass of water especially after carrying those bags


Some how she wished she never packed that much but on the other hand she needed it all.

She walked in to the room where Richard came from and it seemed to be one of the beautiful kitchens she ever had.


She walked to the refrigerator and pulled it open and grabbed a bottle of water. She gulped half of it down and looked around

She felt hungry that instant and decided to cook something finding her way through every thing

Richard walked to the shower and stepped in maybe all he needed now was the cold water that made him relax


He was still shaken by marriage and true to his words he was never a one woman man.

His thoughts were invaded by Anna.. She was a bitch that he couldn’t believe he married her the embarrassing moment of being caught staring at her butt and outlining her body made him smile


For the truth maybe he wanted to know what was under her skirt and see those curves

He was a man that would love anything that wears a skirt even if it’s a Jerry can

At least that’s what Anna thought.

He walked out of the Shower and wrapped a towel around his waist.. Walking out of the bathroom


He went to his wardrobe and grabbed some clothes on then sat on bed with his laptop and phone

He had startled getting engrossed in to work as usual he had to run the family business right and make his father more proud.

His phone vibrated next to him and it was massage from Becky

‘ hey Darling wanna come over tonight ‘ he read it and felt frustrated

Becky was one of his catches that refused to go away and with that he enjoyed every part of her body every time he wanted too

She was a university student and all that made her happy was money


Another message came in and he read it too

‘ Sweet Richard are you free tonight I want to come over ‘ he smiled

Tracy on the other hand was a girl who kept offering him her body expecting to be his wife one day but he knew better than to marry her

He felt the smell that came from the kitchen

It smelt delicious that he stood up from bed with all the hunger.. His phone kept vibrating with more and more messages from different kind of girls but he didn’t care now


He walked out of the room through the hallway to the kitchen.. The sight in front of him was intimidating

Anna was singing out loud her favorite song while dancing around in the kitchen

She seemed happy and he just stood there watching her as she cleaned all the equipments she used.

Anna knew that even though things weren’t going the way she thought.. She knew better than to smile and stay happy all the time

She hated Richard and being married to him but that would never stop her from smiling each day

She sung happily before turning around only to stop halfway through the song

Her eyes grew big with surprise and shock that Richard had been watching her do her silly routine of dancing while cooking

She was a bit of embarrassed but shrugged it away.

She turned around putting the delicious rice out of the saucepan to her plate..

Richard watched her as she sat on the two people dinning table..


He looked around for a second plate but there was none according to his eyes

“Where is my food ” he asked like a kid who just lost his ice cream making Anna looked up at him her fork stopping mid way to her lips

“Don’t you have hands?” She questioned him and he looked at her angrily

This woman was cutting all the wires that held his head in place


“This is my house and kitchen” he replied and she smiled

“It was my hands that cooked and my energy” she replied and he felt like strangling her to death.

“Oh and don’t worry I can replace every thing I used or you can just throw me out and explain to your parents” she added and now he needed a pot or a knife

Anything to teach his Darling wife a lesson

He walked away and Anna smiled before continuing to eat her food.

She then washed the dishes and walked out of the kitchen.

She didn’t know her room or where she had to sleep that night..

She pulled a scarf out of her hand bag and laid on the couch pulling it over her body..

As sleep took her without giving her a chance to think.

Richard sneaked out of the room and tiptoed to the kitchen making sure Anna wouldn’t hear him

He looked at the pan she had used a while ago when cooking and smiled moving towards were it was

He opened it slowly not to alert her. He expected at least to find little food but sadly the pan was spot less clean making him sad

He wished he never made that girl angry


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